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On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Blake and Kristina parted ways, Dean and Caelynn left the show as a couple, and John Paul Jones proved to Tayshia that he’s worthy of being her prom king.

Tonight, we find out which couples will be sticking around for the finale next week — read on for all of the highlights from Episode 12.

Hannah and Dylan are in love

Hannah gets the date card which reads, “Pick someone who feels like home.” This is weird, because Colton Underwood always said that Hannah “felt like home” when he dated her during Season 23 of The Bachelor but I guess we’re all very much moved on from him at this point.

On the date, Dylan tells Hannah that he’s no longer *falling* in love, but he’s officially IN love. Big step in the Bachelor world. Pretty sure he was in love with her the second he met her, though.

“I may have just told my future wife that I loved her today,” he says.

Connor and Whitney get together

So randomly, Connor says that he’s been waiting for Whitney to show up in Paradise but she never did. He says that he’s going to wait five more minutes and if she doesn’t arrive, he’s going to leave. Well, five minutes comes and goes and Connor ends up removing himself. Then, of course, we welcome Whitney to Paradise.

Once the cast tells her that Connor has left, Whitney decides to leave to in an attempt to find Connor. She shows up at his hotel room and invites him out on the date — but not before they sit in Connor’s massive hotel room and he awkwardly rubs her legs like he’s never talked to a woman before.

Clay and Nicole’s love connection

Clay and Nicole get a one-on-one date and it seems like these two are on different pages. It’s clear Nicole is ready for a serious future together while Clay seems a bit more unsure about his feelings.

He admits that she’s his best friend on the beach and that he’s *starting* to fall in love with her, but he’s not actually in love yet.

Then they dance to a song with lyrics that say, “I love you for real,” which is awkward, because he doesn’t love her for real.

The rose ceremony

So, Chris Harrison cancels the cocktail party which means we’re headed straight to the rose ceremony. Luke goes first and offers his rose to Brie. She turns him down and then the most awkward moment in Bachelor history happens: Chris Harrison asks if anyone wants Luke’s rose… and there’s nothing but crickets. So Luke gets the boot because he’s not in a relationship. Bye Luke.

Then, Clay gives his rose to Nicole, John Paul Jones to Tayshia, Matt Donald to Brie, Dylan to Hannah, Chase to Angela, and Chris to Katie. Sydney, Revian, and Haley all go home rose-less, as expected.

The next day, Chris tells the remaining couples that Paradise is over and now we’re onto the fantasy suite portion of the show.

“This next step is the serious part of Paradise,” he said.

Matt Donald seems really excited about the idea of bringing a “supermodel” to the fantasy suite, but Brie quickly shuts him down. She tells him that he seems only interested in her exterior and she wants someone who will love her for her heart. She then walks her gorgeous butt off the beach. GO BRIE!

John Paul Jones and Tayshia call it off

JPJ tells Tayshia that he’s in love with her and wants to get married to her someday. Tayshia seems completely caught off guard and visibly upset. They hug and it’s clear her feelings don’t match his. She tells him that she *wants* to fall in love with him but she’s not there yet.

JPJ knows there’s no other choice but to leave, so he walks away on the beach with Tayshia chasing after him crying. “I’m sorry,” she sobs. “I don’t want you to go.”

But he does. And she leaves, too. And just like that… broken hearts all over America.

Demi and Kristian finally get on the same page

After what felt like weeks of being on shaky grounds, Demi and Kristian have a conversation about the next steps of their relationship. Demi reveals once again that she’s been struggling with anxiety and it’s been holding her back from being open with Kristian. She ultimately comes to the conclusion that she wants to move forward with Kristian and head to the fantasy suite.

“I want to step it up. And I have to. You deserve that,” she tells her.

Chris struggles with his feelings for Katie

Chris still can’t figure out what’s holding him back from being 100% all in with Katie. He pulls Katie aside and he has tears in his eyes. Katie immediately starts to cry because she sees what’s coming.

“Is this happening? Is this happening right now? I don’t want this. At all,” she says.

“I don’t even want this conversation” he tells her, adding that he has a history of pushing great things in his life away.

After talking it through, they come to the decision that they’re going to give things a try and head to the fantasy suite. That was a close one.

Bachelor in Paradise, Season 6 Finale, Tuesday, September 17, 8/7c, ABC

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