Hello everyone. We had the chance to interview Danny, he is a teenager who loves fitness. He has tons of pictures and videos of his fitness process on his Instagram. Make sure you check it out. If you happen to check out his Instagram page he is definitely in shape. He is definitely someone who could help you build up your body the way you want it. We would encourage anyone who is interested in looking for help when it comes to fitness, reach out to him and ask we are sure he wouldn’t mind helping.

How old are you?


What’s a normal routine for you at the gym?

Chest Monday, back Tuesday, legs Wednesday, shoulders Thursday, arms Friday, and lacking muscle groups on Saturday and 2 out if every 3 weeks another one on Sunday.

Are there any parts of your body that you mainly key in on?

I like to key in on my abs because they get the lot of the fat that I gain.

Describe your total body transformation we’re you always this strong?

I was always pretty lean, but I wanted to look more muscular than I was. I looked like I worked out before, but when I really started getting into it, the results really started to come. My progression was mainly in my 3rd year of lifting.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice for teens is consistency consistency consistency. Also, keep a sharp eye on your diet.

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