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Furiosa May Shoot in Early 2021, Anya Taylor-Joy in Talks to Join Cast

George Miller reportedly wants to start production on Mad Max: Furiosa early next year. Additionally, it is believed that the director has held a meeting with New Mutants star Anya Taylor-Joy for a role. Fans have been waiting a long time for any news surrounding the sequel to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, and for a while, it looked like things were finally starting to rev up. Now that the entertainment business has been put on hold, it’s unclear what the future holds for many major studio projects.

In a new report about the current state of the entertainment business, it is revealed that Anya Taylor-Joy has met with George Miller via Skype to discuss a possible role in Mad Max: Furiosa. That sounds like a wise move since everybody is social distancing at the moment, but it’s unclear which role was discussed. Many are under the assumption that Taylor-Joy would be playing the young version of Furiosa since the long-awaited sequel is heavily rumored to feature a young version of the character.

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It has also been reported that Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer is in the running for the main role in Mad Max: Furiosa. It’s possible that George Miller could have met with both actresses through Skype. It’s entirely possible that they spoke about two different parts. It is also believed that Game of Thrones and Eternals star Richard Madden is up for a part in the sequel. However, none of this has been confirmed at this time. A lot of people are working from home, so it’s entirely possible that Miller is trying to get as much work on casting as he can from his own place.

As for starting production on Mad Max: Furiosa early next year, that will depend on a lot of factors. First, George Miller was due to start production on his next project Three Thousand Years of Longing this year. It’s believed that it was supposed to start within the next few months, but that has undoubtedly been pushed back, especially with the project’s star, Idris Elba, announcing his illness. For now, it looks like both projects will be delayed indefinitely unless something drastic changes here in the next few weeks.

George Miller has been talking about Mad Max: Furiosa for a few years now. Charlize Theron has expressed interest in returning, but it’s unclear if she’ll be included in this particular sequel, though it could happen. For now, there’s a lot up in the air and we’re all going to have to continue to be patient, which should be pretty easy since we’ve waited this long for lawsuits and other holdups. The important element is that Miller is almost ready to start work on the project. Variety was the first to report on George Miller aiming to start production on Mad Max: Furiosa next year, along with the Anya Taylor-Joy talks.

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