Gigi Hays The Young Tennis Star

Gigi Hays The 13-Year-old Tennis Star

Gigi Hays the 13-year-old that is leading the way in her field of tennis, she is trying to help and inspire young teens. Everyone be sure to check out and share her story.

She has around 23.3k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already! 

We got the chance to interview her, here are a few things she had to say.

Is tennis your main sport? Also what got you into tennis? 

Yes tennis is my main sport. All my family plays but just for fun really. I started to play and the coach suggested I had some private lessons and then I was hooked. I just love hitting their ball more than anything!

Do you have any tennis role models? Also what are you doing to get better?

My role models are Anisimova, Sharapova and of course Serena. I am working harder than ever every day, I do my fitness training and tennis with my coach and then I push myself further with extra fitness and running on my own. I will do whatever it takes but I will never give up!

You’ve won some big awards can you describe that feeling to us?

It is amazing. It just feels absolutely amazing and I just want to win bigger ones.

What are some of your goals for the future?

I want to become number one in the world and win more grand slams than any other player. I don’t want to be just another top ten tennis player I want to be the best the world has ever seen!

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Really have a passion for what you do and most of all enjoy it. Don’t punish yourself when you make errors, accept that we all make mistakes and strive to get better. Also work very very hard and be 100% committed.

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