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Hi! Glad to have found this forum. We are a military family that has had a less-than typical military experience. I have daughter who will turn 3 this summer. We are currently living in Georgia, and due to my daughter being born with a plethora of medical issues, we have been stuck here a little longer than planned. My daughter is currently doing very well, health wise, so we will be moving to Texas in a couple of months. Once we get moved in and somewhat adjusted, I plan to begin homeschooling my daughter.

I used to teach in public schools, and there are a lot of great things about them. However, teaching for 11 years and watching the changes that are happening is a bit frightening to me. That said, the choice to homeschool was 90% a result of my daughter’s medical issues. She has a compromised immune system, has regular medical appointments, and will need major surgeries in the coming years. So, in addition to minimizing her exposure to cooties, allowing her to learn in a way that works around her medical needs just makes sense. We may or may not enroll her in public or private school in the future. We will have to see how these first few years go. Her condition also brings lots of uncertainty about her future. We don’t know very many adults with the same diagnosis (although we believe there are more out there than are visible to social media), and so the selfish part of me wants to take advantage of the quality time with her.

I attended a homeschooling conference, just to see what was out there. Although our family is very well settled in our faith, I was honestly a little bit frustrated with the lack of secular resources. We personally choose to separate academic and life-skills learning from our faith. I found no one else there who has chosen the same.

So, here I am. Hoping to find others who understand this perspective, and also hoping to find great secular resources as we begin our homeschooling journey.

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