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Hello! I’m Dana Williams, and I am just now deciding on a curriculum to purchase so we can get started "officially" homeschooling my daughter Stella. She is autistic and will be 7 in May. She’s actually pretty advanced in academic terms, but a typical classroom environment is not the "least restrictive learning environment" for her. She is very affected by sound– specifically what we’ve started calling auditory chaos and ambient sound. She has been in full-time (9-4pm) ABA therapy 4 days a week since she was 3 years old, and that did include going to preschool along with her therapist for one year (half days, and then back to her ABA clinic afterward). She’s done almost all of her Kindergarten and 1st grade work at her clinic and is probably into 2nd grade skills at this point, but we thought since this will be a new way to do things, we might start at 1st grade. She LOOOOVES to learn. Gets very excited about doing any kind of school exercises or experiments. We just decided to do this because we did not want the stress of the environment to shut down her love of learning. Anyway… here we go!

We are also a family of atheists, so I was so excited to find this site with all the secular resources in one place! YAY! I live in a small town in Indiana, and there are really no homeschooling co-ops around us that are secular.

I have no idea what I’m doing and of course I’m totally freaking out, but I figured if I start with a complete curriculum and add and subtract as we figure out what works and what doesn’t, we should be good. She is still in ABA therapy for another year, so her clinic is going to integrate what we’re doing at home into her day there as well. They are awesome.

So…. hi there! Anyone else here have a kid on the spectrum? Have any tips or recommendations? 🙂 –Dana

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