How Cheerleading Has Risen

Cheerleading has been around for several years. Generally I used to think of it as just the a team that cheers for either the football team or basketball team. They usually get the crowd pumped with their cheer uniforms and pom poms but I was wrong.

Is cheerleading a sport?

Well I was wrong it’s definitely not that. Yes it’s a sport It is a worldwide national sport. 

This sport has tournaments and events just like any other sports, you can win awards and trophies and they have cheerleading uniforms just like any other team has uniforms.

How this sport has grown overtime

Cheerleading has evolved immensely. Especially in the United States, according to Wikipedia it has an estimated 1.5 million participants. Many of cheerleading competitions have even been covered by ESPN which is a big deal. ESPN also host a worldwide national cheering competition every year in Florida.

Another big influence in my opinion are cheerleading movies for example the bring it on movies. Besides those movies being really good they brought a better idea of what this sport really about which is competing and family. 

The movies also did a good job of casting popular characters which made this sport for kids popular.A major takeaway that I noticed was that the movie included male cheerleaders which made it cool for guys to start cheering. 

What it’s future is looking like

I expect these numbers for the sport to double in the near future. 

Nearly every school ranging from middle school to college has a competitive cheerleading program. It has become a universal and growing sport.

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