If I had a [$500 dollar] clothing shopping spree

Trying to find the perfect outfit

As a teenager fashion is very important because you are trying to find your identity also you always want to look your best no matter who you are. Clothing is very expensive in today’s time. Whenever I go shopping it’s hard to make decisions, because I have to budget I don’t want to go to crazy and blow my money. Self control in your teenager years are very difficult when it comes to money lets just be honest anytime your all the mall and you see that cute top or those sweet kicks you cant help yourself. Whenever I hit the mall I instantly hit the Nike section. I don’t care what part of the mall were in or who’s with me I have to go CHECK the Nike section see what I did there I said check cause the Nike logo is a check anyway back to the story.

What type of clothing I wear [Tops]

Whenever I hit the nike section I look for a hoodie or a zip up jacket those are my favorite. I always start from the top then work my way to the bottom. It generally takes me about 30 minutes just to make up my mind on which color and concept I want, so finally after a hard decision I would finally choose this Nike Sportswear wind runner. Sky blue is one of my favorite colors I could defiantly pull this jacket off, I love how the neck is fully covered along with the jacket being a perfect fit. This jacket cost us $74.97 so lets round that up to $80.

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What type of clothing I wear [Bottoms]

So now that we’ve taken care of the tops we can move onto the bottoms which is our pants. I personally am a big khaki fan you can wear khakis literally anywhere and with anything. The plus side to khakis are that they are also so cheap it just depends on where you get them from. I generally like these khakis because they fit nicely they are presentable and they are cheap. I would get a loose fit because one time my coach told me he could see my contact list on my phone 😔so that day I stopped wear skinny khakis and upgraded to the modern fit. 😊😂These khaki pants come out to be $24.97 so lets round that to $26.00 


What type of clothing I wear [Shoes]

We have currently spent $106 on clothing so far, thats ok because clothing is expensive. So now to the best part off it all the shoes. So many options to choose from I’m about to go crazy we have $144 dollars left to spend so lets get to work baby. I’m a big fan of the Nike air max 97’s I go crazy every time I see a pair I feel like an OG of sneaker heads whenever I see pair. 😎The pair that I have chosen are about to make this outfit complete! These Nike air max 97’s would go crazy with this outfit no teenager could ever tell me this fit isn’t fresh. 😂These shoes came out to be a whopping $160 this is probably the only shoe I’d spend that much money. Lets round this to $163.


Time to check out

We’ve have a successful day at the mall we collected some super duper cool clothing now all we have to do is check out.

Nike Sportswear Jacket $80.00

AE Khaki pants $26.00

Nike air max 97’s $163

Total: $269.00 

What clothing I’d wear to a party [Bonus just for you guys]

Teenagers like to have fun and one of the funniest things to do is hang out with friends and party. I never really put that much effort into an outfit whenever I go to parties. I just like to dress casual at parties because that’s how I am, you don’t want to go overboard by trying to impress everyone with clothing. The clothing can only get you so far you are supposed to wear the clothing and not let the clothing wear you! So have fun when your party and be safe. ENJOY LIFE AS A TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!

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