In the News: NEA Projects Losses in 2017-18. A Supreme Court Ruling Could Worsen Them – by Education Next

The National Education Association expects to lose about 20,000 dues-paying members next year, and the union could lose even more revenue in the future if the Supreme Court strikes down its ability to collect agency fees from teachers who choose not to join the union. So reports Ed Week’s Stephen Sawchuk, who is attending the NEA’s annual convention in Boston this week. (You can follow his coverage of the convention here.)

In “Agency Fees Could Be Back on Death Row,” Josh Dunn explains the legal battle over agency fees.

Mike Antonucci with former NEA President Reg Weaver.

Teachers union watchdog Mike Antonucci will not be attending the NEA Convention this year for the first time in 19 years. The union denied him press credentials this year.

Antonucci has written about teachers unions for Education Next here, here, and here.

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