Is there anything like Apples Daily Spelling/Phonics drills but secular?

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Is there anything out there like Apples Daily Spelling/Phonics drills for secondary students that is secular? My 11, almost 12 year old daughter really struggles with spelling, and the Apples daily drills get great reviews, but they have a high religious content that I would prefer to avoid. Currently we use Spelling Workout in combination with games/tests of the spelling lists that I input into the Spelling City website, and have for a few years now, but this just isn’t working for dd11. Dd10 is a natural speller and this combination works perfectly for her, but dd11 consistently struggles with spelling, although she is a very good reader. I am hoping to find a workbook like Apples daily drills that she can use for extra review of the spelling rules.

Suggestions? Thank you!

ETA: After more research it looks like Megawords might be a secular alternative? Does anyone here use this? Thanks!

ETA #2: If I decide to use Megawords it looks like it would replace Spelling Workout, from the reviews I have seen. I wouldn’t need to use it in conjunction with Spelling Workout because it’s already a complete spelling program. Is this correct?

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