Is Utah good for millennials?

Utah placed within the top 20 in a recent report on the best states for young people.

The report, which comes from, positioned Utah as the 19th best state for young people, right behind Delaware, Minnesota, Arkansas and the District of Columbia. It placed ahead of Missouri, Michigan, Alabama and Maryland.

The report based its findings on a number of rankings, including how the job market affects young people, how many young people there are in the state, rental availability, access to the internet and fitness facilities, and college tuition costs.

North Dakota topped the list, followed closely by South Dakota. Nebraska, Louisiana and Wyoming rounded out the top five.

Arizona was ranked as the worst state for young people because it is a hot retirement spot with poor internet connections, which are a must-have for money millennials, according to the report.

New Hampshire, Virginia, Washington state and Tennessee placed within the top five worst states, too, the report said.

California was also ranked one of the worst states for young people, mostly because of the lack of apartment availability, the report said.

Salt Lake City earned high remarks from Forbes in 2012, as it was named the fourth-best city in the nation for young people. According to Forbes, the job growth and median salary made it a hotspot for young people.

Millennials in Utah tend to buck national trends, though. According to a 2015 Utah Foundation report, millennials are more likely to own homes than those from other states. In 2015, Utah had the second-highest homeownership rate among 18-to-34-year-olds. In total, 41 percent of Utah millennials own homes, which is 11 percent higher than the national average.

“A lot of it just comes out of the fact that we get married younger and we have children younger, and if you are married or if you do have kids, your likelihood of being a homeowner just increases,” Mallory Bateman, research analyst for the Utah Foundation, told the Deseret News. “Since we have younger people doing that, that’s going to impact our millennial group being homeowners.”

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