Teen vaping: what you need to know

Vaping for teenagers has became a big thing. Many teens love to vape, you can’t get mad at them or judge them for choosing to do this. If they can afford to buy the product then they have the every right to use it.

I see teen vaping almost everywhere I go pretty much. It has truly taken the world by storm.

I am just here to tell teenagers the precautions of why vaping is bad for them, now it is totally up to you guys on how you decide to live your lives. I am just here to help! 

How did vaping become so popular for teenagers?

Vaping for teenagers has increased tremendously. Here is a mind blowing teenage vaping statistic, Seventy-five percent of teenagers today vape.

Teenagers see vaping as a safer and less dangerous alternative to smoking cigarettes. Because there have been commercials about how cigarettes are so bad and deadly, e-cigarettes were invented, which are battery powered devices which allow anyone to smoke.

Some people say vape and e-cigarettes are bad for you, but others say they are not harmful. Vaping can hurt teenagers in ways that they might not even know. Vaping causes many health problems, contains addicting traits and has even been cases of teenage vaping deaths.

How easily teenagers can get vapes.

Firstly, vaping can hurt people and is an alternative version of a real cigarette. Many teenagers have the advantage in today’s society, which is the internet, that I like to call easy access.

Many teenagers are able to purchase vapes online just by ordering them but only if they are eighteen years or older.

It allows you access to vapes without any further questions so you can easily pretend to be an older age and that allows you to buy whatever vape product you want.

Kids, even at the early age of seven, have been caught vaping by their parents. If teenagers can have this amount of easy access in today’s society, imagine what they can get in the future. The internet needs better security with age limits.

How teenagers can become addicted to vaping.

Furthermore, many of the vapes contain addicting traits. Vaping causes many people to get addicted to nicotine ( Because they use it so much. They cost less money so you are able to use them more. They also contain substances like nicotine in them, which cause people to become addicted.

They also have many options and flavors to choose from. Which can lead to people becoming addicted. Vaping is the new trend now, so many teenagers will want to try it because it’s hot and kids love fitting in with the new trends; it’s just the way life goes. Vaping simulates real life smoking, it’s just in a different form. 

Teen vaping linked to more health risks

Vaping causes several health problems. It may seem healthy at the beginning and many people say it’s water vapor so it’s fine.

Vaping can cause many harmful things to your body such as popcorn lungs and heart disease. It can harm the development of kids, it can cause cancer and is it is a public health concern.

Many people don’t see public issues about vaping but there are stories in the world about vaping that we just don’t hear about. Honestly, I get uncomfortable around people vaping because I have asthma and I feel concerned that it could affect my breathing.

So I just decide not to participate in it. We should try not inhale anything else but clean fresh oxygen. 

Deciding as a teenager whether to vape or not

I’m not saying you cant vape or that you shouldn’t I am just trying to inform you the other side of this topic. I want teenagers to know what they are getting into before they actually do it, if you decide to vape thats your choice it’s your life but just make sure that you are responsible.

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