It will change your mind about cheerleading

If you went to high school in the U.S., you probably think you know everything you need to about cheerleading. But you’re also probably wrong.

There is so much more to the sport than stereotypes and teen movies suggest, and Netflix’s incredible docuseries “Cheer,” from the producers of the great “Last Chance U,” will change minds and maybe hearts about this uniquely American subculture.

Focused on the national champion team at a small-town Texas junior college, “Cheer” offers six riveting episodes that will leave you stunned by the athletic talent of the diverse group of young adults being thrown in the air and (hopefully) caught again. It might also leave you deeply concerned about the safety of sport and the future of the athletes highlighted.

The Navarro College cheer team practices in Netflix's "Cheer."

“Cheer” follows the coaches and cheerleaders at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, a tiny town with a tiny school that has more than a dozen national championship titles under its belt, mostly thanks to aggressive coach Monica Aldama, who built the program from the ground up.

Cheerleading is as all-consuming at Navarro as football might be at Big Ten universities:  Students spend five or more hours a day training. “Cheer” spends most of its time with five of them: Lexi, Morgan, Gabi, LaDarius and Jerry.

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