I've ditched my first curriculum!

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I really, really, really wanted Singapore Math to work for us…but it just didn’t. I finally decided it wasn’t worth it to convert my kid to Singapore from Montessori at 4th grade and then convert him again to something else in 6th or 7th.

I still *really* hope that Art of Problem Solving will work when we get there, even though I’m not seeing the ability to persist despite frustration that I think will be necessary for it. That’s a skill I want him to have regardless of curriculum, so we’ll be working on that skill anyway.

But, I’ve abondanded a curriculum I loved because it just wasn’t working for my kid. I bought Montessori Math albums and we are going to continue with what was working well for him (plus some other things for math facts, which he is notoriously pretty bad at). When he was in school, he was known for being good at math, which I’m still trying to understand because it seems like he’s, well, not good at it. He does have a certain creativity within math and makes up his own methods easily. However, following through on someone else’s idea (pretty crucial for any type of learning, including creativity), he’s pretty awful.

Anyway, I feel like ditching something that wasn’t working is sort of a milestone for us as homeschoolers. What other milestones do I have to look forward to?

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