Jack Burrows The DJ That’s Next Up

16-Year-Old Jack Burrows is a young and talented DJ who is starting to make a name for himself as a DJ.

Jack Burrows has some great beats on his Instagram page. Please, everyone, I encourage you to go give it a listened now. 

That is very impressive and cool because, you don’t hear of to many 16-Year-Old DJ’S. Jack is only 16 and he’s making a ton of noise in his industry.

He helps young kids realize they can make an impact in the music industry no matter how old you are even if there aren’t many if your age or if you are the youngest one. He is help paving the way for young new upcoming DJ’s.

Jack Burrows has around 12.3k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already!

We got the honor to interview him, here are the things he had to say.

How old are you?

I’m currently 16 years old.

What inspires you to make the tracks you make?

For me, it’s the payoff. Getting to see and hear someone’s reaction to my music is an incredible feeling especially when they’re like “Wait what, he’s only 16 years old?!?!” Every ounce of positive energy that I get keeps me going to make more music.

Who is your favorite producer?

It would either be Martin Garrix or The Chainsmokers.

What inspires you to make the beats you do?

Martin Garrix really inspires me because of his high energy dance tracks. EDM is something that’s an art and takes time to perfect.

It took me 1 year to find and make a track that people could dance to. Knowing that he was able to produce such amazing tracks as a teenager always keeps me inspired to make more.

What is your favorite genre to make beats for?

I love producing EDM tracks, however I’ve recently started expanding into other genres and cross – blending them.

If you had to give teens in your field advice what would it be? 

Age is only a number and doesn’t define who you are or what skill level your at.

I’ve had plenty of people that have rejected working with me because they thought I wasn’t good enough.

On the other hand, I’ve had others that were completely shocked when they learned that a teenager made the track that they were listening to.

One other piece of advice that I’d give is that you should follow your dreams and do the best you can to turn them into a reality. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s possible.

As long as you have patience, persistence, and the ability to find/work with others that share your same talent, you’ll eventually make it. That’s what happened to me.

I never thought I’d turn a hobby into a money-making job, but when I met my mentor, that all changed.

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