LANG ARTS HELP! EIW EIL Essentials in Writing/ Essentials in Literature curriculum?

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Disclaimer: I feel like a curriculum warrior- trying to find more triumphs than losses in a world where we barely follow, tear-apart and hopscotch around most curriculum we buy. We’re like anti-curriculum curriculum people!

DS has dyslexia. We modify most things we buy. She is also a gifted writer who needs help transitioning from creative writing and poetry/prose to academic writing. She can craft beautiful sentences (thanks Killgallon!) but is getting lost putting them into coherent paragraphs and those paragraphs into essays. I need a step-by-step approach with examples that will hold her hand through the process. We love Brave Writer and have been using it for years but are struggling in Help for High School- it’s so wordy! I’m tired of re-writing it and breaking it down into steps and lists and making my own graphic organizers that work with my DD. (Curriculum history: have been with Brave Writer since 4th grade, use Killgallon & MCT for grammar, tried & abandoned: Stack the Deck, Winning With Writing, Write Shop, Write Source, IEW, and adore MCT but again, too wordy for the writing part…).

She is also requesting a human presence other than "mom"- meaning some type of course that has a voice lecture or video component. I found EIW- Essentials in Writing. I’m intrigued by it and am wondering if anyone has used it for the high school levels.

Additionally, I like the reading list for Grade 10 Essentials in Literature. With the dyslexia we read less novels and more excerpts. Again, has anyone used this at the HS level? I’m most interested in what the videos are like and if the instructor is engaging, annoying, etc…

I’m not concerned about grammar within the writing curriculum component- we do our own grammar thing and can more or skip it if necessary.


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