Maddy The Teen Model / Actress / Inluencer / Cheerleader

Hello everyone. Meet Maddy she is 15 years old. As you can tell she pretty much does it all. She is definitly accomplishing alot in her early teen years. Maddy is a wonderful influence for any teen who aspire to do the things she is doing. She currently has 20.9k followers on instagram. Everyone please go follower her and get her to 21k. Make sure you check out her page.

How old are you? 

I am 15 years old 

As an influencer what do you target for teens your age? 

As a influencer I try to teach kids my age to stand up for what they believe in and don’t let other people put them down.

I have worked with over 65 companies and each one has been a product that I love and stand behind. A few examples are Promgirlxo, Call it Spring, Fave4hair and GirlsRock Cosmetics. I love that I get to meet so many amazing business owners and the people that make a business so successful. 

Just recently I had the privilege to work with GirlsRock Cosmetics to create my own eyeshadow palette. It’s called the Maddy Lee Ann Homecoming Palette. I created everything from the cover of the palette to the colors inside. It was an awesome experience. I am also hosting a YouTube series with GirlsRock called Rock Talk.

Please give us an explanation of one of your modeling experiences. 

I do print modeling for many companies and I just recently did a international job for Payless.

How is cheer going? What’s your favorite thing about cheerleading? 

Cheer is going really good. I cheer for my high school on the varsity team. My favorite thing I enjoy about cheerleading is definitely flying. I also like meeting people who enjoy doing the same thing as me. 

What have you acted in? Any new acting roles coming up soon? 

Acting is new to me. I have acted in small commercials so far and I hope to continue and do a film one day. 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field? 

My advice for teens in this field is to not give up. Sometimes you will get a no but there will be a yes eventually. Every experience will give you a great connection to something new. Always be yourself and have fun and don’t worry about what other people around you are doing. You do you and that’s all you need.

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