Need 1st grade workbook input!

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Normally, I do not take school age kiddos but I already have his younger brother in my childcare.

He is mildly on the spectrum, but reads and does schoolwork well.

I need to find an all inclusive workbook or 2 for him to do this Summer. I have 10 weeks of him being here.

I have lots of hands on science for all the kids.

He is going to be my helper and read to the littles during lunch prep, which helps his reading.

What are some good workbooks for not insane prices??

There used to be ones that were like 100 words before 1st grade and 100 math…… I found the word one, but not the math.

I want to be able to give him his workbook when he is tired of the crowd and go work quietly and calm down.

HELP!!! Been a long time since my boys were this age and I normally work with way younger crowd, so I am at a loss.

This is for a kiddo that just finished Kindergarten and is entering 1st grade in September.

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