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Iceborne’s Safi’jiva Siege coming to PC March 20

By Stephany Nunneley,
Wednesday, 11 March 2020 19:15 GMT

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players on PC will finally be able to experience the Safi’jiva Siege next week.

The Safi’jiva Siege is coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC, three months after it debuted on consoles.

As with the console version, you will earn new armor and Awakened versions of weapons.

You will need to have your weapons appraised, and will be able to choose three to keep. One will match the type you currently have equipped, and each will start with the same base stats but feature different elements.

You will also earn the new material Rigid Dracolite after taking down Safi’jiva. Weapons can be upgraded using the new material, which adds Awakened abilities, which are rolled. Abilities can increase affinity, sharpness, or even an armor kill bonus to the weapon.

If you hit up the link, the new system and RNG elements are explained in detail.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

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NBA Season Suspended, Players Quarantined, After Positive Coronavirus Test Comes Back

Following news that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested Positive for Coronavirus, The National Basketball Association has now decided to suspend its current season due to COVID-19. The league just made the decision this evening. According to sources, The Utah Jazz and Oklahoma Thunder players are currently quarantined in the OKC arena following Rudy Gobert testing positive for the coronavirus. As of Tuesday, there have been at least 116,000 coronavirus cases worldwide. While 64,000 people have recovered, more than 4,000 have passed away. The NBA news comes right after the NCAA announced they would be going forward without a live audience.

The NBA has revealed that they are suspending their current season until further notice. They will be taking steps to determine what the next move will be concerning the coronavirus pandemic. There currently is no other information about when the NBA season will start back up or how long players on the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma Thunder will have to be quarantined. However, recent cruise ship travelers have had to spend at least 14 days in quarantine.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is the biggest worldwide sporting event of the year, and organizers have already collectively voiced concerns that the coronavirus could be a problem. The status of the games might not be determined until right before June. SXSW was canceled, even though it was supposed to be going on this week in Austin, Texas, but organizers decided that it would be a wise decision to shut it down. Coachella and Stagecoach, two of the biggest annual festivals have postponed their dates into October. Even bands are starting to postpone shows and tours. Tame Impala is rescheduling sold out shows in San Francisco, while Pearl Jam have completely postponed their entire upcoming tour.

More events will likely be canceled or postponed in the upcoming days and weeks. The NCAA may decide to follow in the footsteps of the NBA when all is said and done. As for the NBA, the regular season was set to end in the middle of April in order for playoffs to start. It’s unclear when they will start back up, but we should know in the coming days. The games will more than likely end up happening down the line without fans in the stands. The NHL and MLB will also probably follow suit.

President Donald Trump is making moves to stop the spreading of coronavirus by suspending flights from Europe to the United States for next 30 days. The entire country of Italy is locked down and trying to keep residents indoors and quarantined until further notice. For now, it looks like things are up in the air for a lot of public events, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates from sports teams, bands, movie release dates, and anything else where more than 50 people are congregating. The NBA suspending the rest of their 2020 season news was first reported by Bleacher Report.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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Pelicans-Kings game canceled due to coronavirus concerns

Jazz center Rudy Gobert made a mockery of the NBA’s coronavirus guidelines by going out of his way to touch reporters’ recorders and microphones. Then, he came down with an illness.

It’s difficult not to connect the dots from that episode to tonight’s Jazz-Thunder game in Oklahoma City being postponed.

The Thunder’s team doctor came running onto the court and spoke with officials moments before tipoff, according to Royce Young of ESPN:

Thunder public-address announcer Mario Nanni said, “Fans, we have a slight delay. Waiting for league confirmation to start the game.”

In-arena entertainment continued – awkwardly, amid the uncertainty. Eventually, Nanni delivered a different message:

And fans, due to unforeseen circumstances, the game tonight has been postponed. You’re all safe. And take your time in leaving the arena tonight and do so in an orderly fashion. Thank you for coming out tonight. We are all safe. And you can visit OKCThunder.com for updates on upcoming games. Please drive home safely. And goodnight fans.

Was that due to Gobert’s and Emmanuel Mudiay‘s illnesses? Though the Utah players were known to be sick earlier in the day, there were more developments closer to the scheduled start.

The Jazz called Gobert questionable, ruled him out then upgraded his status to questionable:

Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune:

Were the Thunder concerned about Gobert playing? Being around? Is this completely unrelated to coronavirus?

The abrupt cancelation leaves many questions unanswered.

But if related to Gobert’s illness, this is how a plan to continue games quickly turns into a hiatus. In the last week, Gobert has played against the Raptors, Pistons and Celtics.

The game was postponed in Oklahoma City.

Coronavirus concern is spreading much further.

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2020 NFL draft order – All 255 picks, seven rounds, date and location

The 2020 NFL draft order is set, with all 255 picks and seven rounds locked in for April’s draft. The Cincinnati Bengals kick off things with pick No. 1 — Joe Burrow, anyone? — and the New York Giants end it with pick No. 255.

The 2020 NFL draft begins with Round 1 on April 23 from Las Vegas and continues with Rounds 2 and 3 on April 24 and Rounds 4 through 7 on April 25. The draft will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN, the ESPN app and NFL Network.

Check out the final 1-255 order and the full list of every team’s picks below. Efficiency rankings for each team in the first round are updated through the end of the 2019 regular season.

Offensive efficiency ranking: 30th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 25th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 16th
Overall ranking: 31st

Offensive efficiency ranking: 32nd
Defensive efficiency ranking: 27th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 4th
Overall ranking: 32nd

Offensive efficiency ranking: 19th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 29th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 1st
Overall ranking: 25th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 25th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 28th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 17th
Overall ranking: 29th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 24th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 30th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 22nd
Overall ranking: 30th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 16th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 23rd
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 21st
Overall ranking: 20th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 28th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 20th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 23rd
Overall ranking: 27th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 13th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 31st
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 14th
Overall ranking: 26th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 26th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 26th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 6th
Overall ranking: 28th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 22nd
Defensive efficiency ranking: 22nd
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 9th
Overall ranking: 23rd

Offensive efficiency ranking: 29th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 15th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 15th
Overall ranking: 24th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 6th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 32nd
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 28th
Overall ranking: 22nd

Offensive efficiency ranking: 18th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 12th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 32nd
Overall ranking: 19th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 20th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 8th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 31st
Overall ranking: 15th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 23rd
Defensive efficiency ranking: 16th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 5th
Overall ranking: 18th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 12th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 24th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 29th
Overall ranking: 21st

Offensive efficiency ranking: 3rd
Defensive efficiency ranking: 18th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 30th
Overall ranking: 8th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 24th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 30th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 22nd
Overall ranking: 30th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 6th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 32nd
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 28th
Overall ranking: 22nd

Offensive efficiency ranking: 26th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 26th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 6th
Overall ranking: 28th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 11th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 19th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 26th
Overall ranking: 14th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 21st
Defensive efficiency ranking: 5th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 3rd
Overall ranking: 10th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 17th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 1st
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 9th
Overall ranking: 4th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 4th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 11th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 2nd
Overall ranking: 5th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 5th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 10th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 25th
Overall ranking: 7th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 24th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 30th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 22nd
Overall ranking: 30th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 14th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 17th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 11th
Overall ranking: 13th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 2nd
Defensive efficiency ranking: 4th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 12th
Overall ranking: 1st

Offensive efficiency ranking: 10th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 14th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 27th
Overall ranking: 12th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 9th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 6th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 24th
Overall ranking: 6th

Offensive efficiency ranking: 8th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 3rd
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 20th
Overall ranking: 3rd

Offensive efficiency ranking: 4th
Defensive efficiency ranking: 13th
Special-teams efficiency ranking: 9th
Overall ranking: 4th

Note: * denotes a compensatory pick.

Round 2

33. Cincinnati
34. Indianapolis (from Washington)
35. Detroit
36. N.Y. Giants
37. L.A. Chargers
38. Carolina
39. Miami
40. Arizona
41. Cleveland
42. Jacksonville
43. Chicago (from Las Vegas)
44. Indianapolis
45. Tampa Bay
46. Denver
47. Atlanta
48. N.Y. Jets
49. Pittsburgh
50. Chicago
51. Dallas
52. L.A. Rams
53. Philadelphia
54. Buffalo
55. Atlanta (from New England)
56. Miami (from New Orleans)
57. Houston
58. Minnesota
59. Seattle
60. Baltimore
61. Tennessee
62. Green Bay
63. Kansas City (from San Francisco)
64. Seattle (from Kansas City)

Round 3

65. Cincinnati
66. Washington
67. Detroit
68. N.Y. Jets (from N.Y. Giants)
69. Carolina
70. Miami
71. L.A. Chargers
72. Arizona
73. Jacksonville
74. Cleveland
75. Indianapolis
76. Tampa Bay
77. Denver
78. Atlanta
79. N.Y. Jets
80. Las Vegas
81. Las Vegas (from Chicago)
82. Dallas
83. Denver (from Pittsburgh)
84. L.A. Rams
85. Philadelphia
86. Buffalo
87. New England
88. New Orleans
89. Minnesota
90. Houston
91. Las Vegas (from Seattle)
92. Baltimore
93. Tennessee
94. Green Bay
95. Denver (from San Francisco)
96. Kansas City
97. Cleveland (from Houston)*
98. New England*
99. N.Y. Giants*
100. New England*
101. Seattle*
102. Pittsburgh*
103. Philadelphia*
104. L.A. Rams*
105. Minnesota*
106. Baltimore*

Round 4

107. Cincinnati
108. Washington
109. Detroit
110. N.Y. Giants
111. Houston (from Miami)
112. L.A. Chargers
113. Carolina
114. Arizona
115. Cleveland
116. Jacksonville
117. Tampa Bay
118. Denver
119. Atlanta
120. N.Y. Jets
121. Las Vegas
122. Indianapolis
123. Dallas
124. Pittsburgh
125. New England (from Chicago)
126. L.A. Rams
127. Philadelphia
128. Buffalo
129. Baltimore (from New England)
130. New Orleans
131. Houston
132. Minnesota
133. Seattle
134. Baltimore
135. Pittsburgh (from Tennessee through Miami)
136. Green Bay
137. Denver (from San Francisco)
138. Kansas City
139. Tampa Bay*
140. Chicago*
141. Miami*
142. Washington*
143. Baltimore*
144. Seattle*
145. Philadelphia*
146. Philadelphia*

Round 5

147. Cincinnati
148. Washington
149. Detroit
150. N.Y. Giants
151. L.A. Chargers
152. Carolina
153. Miami
154. Miami (from Jacksonville through Pittsburgh)
155. Buffalo (from Cleveland)
156. San Francisco (from Denver)
157. Atlanta
158. N.Y. Jets
159. Las Vegas
160. Indianapolis
161. Tampa Bay
162. Seattle (from Pittsburgh)
163. Chicago
164. Dallas
165. Jacksonville (from L.A. Rams)
166. Philadelphia
167. Buffalo
168. Philadelphia (from New England)
169. New Orleans
170. Baltimore (from Minnesota)
171. Houston
172. Detroit (from Seattle)
173. Miami (from Baltimore through L.A. Rams)
174. Tennessee
175. Green Bay
176. San Francisco
177. Kansas City
178. Denver*
179. Dallas*

Round 6

180. Cincinnati
181. Denver (from Washington)
182. Detroit
183. N.Y. Giants
184. Carolina
185. Miami
186. L.A Chargers
187. Cleveland (from Arizona)
188. Buffalo (from Cleveland)
189. Jacksonville
190. Philadelphia (from Atlanta)
191. N.Y. Jets
192. Green Bay (from Las Vegas)
193. Indianapolis
194. Tampa Bay
195. New England (from Denver)
196. Chicago
197. Indianapolis (from Dallas through Miami)
198. Pittsburgh
199. L.A. Rams
200. Chicago (from Philadelphia)
201. Buffalo
202. Arizona (from New England)
203. New Orleans
204. New England (from Houston)
205. Minnesota
206. Jacksonville (from Seattle)
207. Buffalo (from Baltimore through New England)
208. Green Bay (from Tennessee)
209. Green Bay
210. San Francisco
211. N.Y. Jets (from Kansas City)
212. New England*
213. New England*
214. Seattle*

Round 7

215. Cincinnati
216. Washington
217. San Francisco (from Detroit)
218. N.Y. Giants
219. Minnesota (from Miami)
220. L.A. Chargers
221. Carolina
222. Arizona
223. Jacksonville
224. Tennessee (from Cleveland)
225. Baltimore (from N.Y. Jets)
226. Chicago (from Las Vegas)
227. Miami (from Indianapolis)
228. Atlanta (from Tampa Bay through Philadelphia)
229. Washington (from Denver)
230. New England (from Atlanta)
231. Dallas
232. Pittsburgh
233. Chicago
234. L.A. Rams
235. New England (from Philadelphia)
236. Green Bay (from Buffalo through Cleveland)
237. Denver (from New England)
238. N.Y. Giants (from New Orleans)
239. Minnesota
240. Houston
241. New England (from Seattle)
242. Green Bay from Baltimore
243. Tennessee
244. Cleveland (from Green Bay)
245. San Francisco
246. Miami (from Kansas City)
247. N.Y. Giants*
248. Houston*
249. Minnesota*
250. Houston*
251. Miami*
252. Denver*
253. Minnesota*
254. Denver*
255. N.Y. Giants*

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Ninth and Final Game of Thrones Whisky from Diageo Revealed

The collection started back in 2018, when Diageo teamed up with HBO to release a limited-edition collection of eight single malt Scotch whiskies. Each of the whiskies was paired with one of the iconic Houses of Westeros, as well as the Night’s Watch. Now the final bottle is being added to the collection. This final bottle, a Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 15 years, honours the three-eyed raven.

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Ninth and Final Game of Thrones Whisky Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Aged 15 Years

“Eight fantastic Scotches toasted the coming of the final season of the show,” said Jeff Peters, vice president of licensing and retail for HBO, “and now we look back on the most captivating television show of all time and raise a ninth glass in celebration.” This new whisky has a “bold, smooth taste with notes of vanilla and spice” that come from being matured in a first-fill Sherry-seasoned cask and then vanished in an American oak former bourbon cask. The whiskey was distilled in the Speyside distiller Mortlach, which appropriate to the Game of Thrones story, was the site of an historic battle. The whisky comes in a metallic gold canister that is adorned with a pen and ink drawing of the Three-Eyed Raven.

Ninth and Final Game of Thrones Whisky Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Aged 15 Years limited edition

“We saw an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of the Game of Thrones Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection and as Game of Thrones fans continue to explore both the world of whisky and the world of Westeros, we are proud to introduce the final addition to the collection,” said Kavita Agarwall, the global brand director of malts for Diageo. “Mortlach is one of our most sought-after super-premium single malts, and seemed fitting as the perfect finale to complete the collection.” The ninth and final Game of Thrones Whisky will be released in “extremely limited quantities. The 750ml bottle will sell for $150 USD, and will be available in select retail locations as well as online.

Check it out

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How to Bet on Yourself, According to Shea Serrano, Teacher Turned Best-Selling Author

So I was like, “Oh, I’ll just hand write a note and pass it to her, like we’re in middle school again,” or whatever. It said something along the lines of, “This is who I am. I’d like to get to know you a little bit better. Here’s my number if you want to talk some time.” And then I fucking booked it out of the class as soon as I sent it to her. I was like, “Ah, this isn’t probably going to work out that great for me, so I’m just going to get ahead of it.” And then two days later or something, she called.

That seems to me to be the same radical authenticity that you bring to Twitter. “This is me. If you like it, here I am.”

I don’t know if it’s the best way for me to be, but it’s certainly the easiest. Because if you start trying to just build up a thing that you aren’t already naturally, then this means you have to remember a bunch of shit. I don’t have to remember lies that I’ve told.

How did you get into writing originally?

The short version of the story is Larami and I were both teaching at the time. We were getting married, she was pregnant with twins, and a few months into the pregnancy she had some pregnancy complications. They did this emergency surgery and were like, “Hey, you can’t work anymore. You have to be on bed rest for the next few months. If you get up, the babies are going to come out and if they come out, you’re going to die, and they’re going to die. So good luck.”

All of a sudden we’re going from living off of two teacher salaries—which you can do if it’s two people living in Houston—to preparing for a family of four, making $45,000 a year. The numbers weren’t in our favor.

I needed a way to make extra money. I was applying at Target, Pappadeaux, grocery stores, whatever, but nobody would hire me because I already had a full-time job. And so I was Googling “work from home jobs” and writing was one of them. Writer was on the list and they had a little section: “What do you need to be a writer? You need a computer and you need the internet.” Well, I have those two things. So I guess I’ll try to do that. I didn’t have any journalism experience. I didn’t know anybody. All I had was the computer and the internet and I figured that shit out.

When you first started, were you like, “Oh I can do this,” or were you kind of like, “Let’s throw some shit at the wall and see what happens?”

It was more of the second thing. To get us through each month, I needed $500 extra. I’m reading stuff on the internet that’s like, “Here’s how you make six figures as a freelancer.” And I was like, “These writers are getting paid”—I didn’t know until later on that that’s really not how it works for most everybody—”if people are making $12,000, $15,000, $20,000 a month writing, I should be able to find $500. So, I’m just going to pitch everybody.”

Did you keep yourself on a strict pitching schedule?

Oh yeah, dude, I was pitching so much shit all of the time. Because I read in my little books that I bought about freelancing that you’re going to have a very low success rate, especially in the beginning. You might pitch 25 things and maybe you hear back about one. So I was like, “Okay, I got to do that. I got to pitch 25 things every week.” I was hitting every editor’s email I could find, even if it didn’t make sense. In the beginning, all you’re looking for is somebody to email you back. Even if it’s a no, you’re like, alright, cool, I’m getting somewhere.”

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Burt Bacharach Catalog To Be Marketed, Administered by Primary Wave – Variety

The catalog of Burt Bacharach, which includes nine No. 1 songs, 48 top 10 hits and more than 500 compositions, will be marketed and administered by Primary Wave Music Publishing in a multi-million-dollar, long-term strategic partnership that also includes an option to acquire a partnership interest in the works.

Among the artists who have recorded Bacharach-penned songs are Perry Como, Dionne Warwick, the Beatles, Tom Jones, Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond, Patti Labelle, Elvis Costello and Rod Stewart. His best-known songs include “I Say A Little Prayer,” “They Long To Be Close To You,” “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” “That’s What Friends Are For,” “Walk On By,” “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love” and “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me.” Bacharach is a three-time Oscar winner and has also won Grammy and Tony Awards. Last month, he received the ICON Award from the Guild of Music Supervisors.

Primary Wave Music is publishing home to works by Bob Marley, Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Sly & The Family Stone, Paul Anka and Air Supply, among many others. Its management clients include  Melissa Etheridge, The Isley Brothers, CeeLo Green, Cypress Hill, Bell Biv DeVoe, Fantasia, Eric Benét, Toots & The Maytals and Plain White T’s along with producers Mitch Allan, M-Phazes, Mag and Jon Levine, among others.

Via the partnership, which the L.A. Times reports is a 50/50 partnership valued in “the high eight figures,” Primary Wave will market Bacharach’s name and likeness as well as manage marketing activities via the 14-year-old company’s marketing, branding, publicity, digital strategy, licensing, synch opportunities and film and TV production arms.

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Ballmastrz 9009 Season 2 Clip Features Guest Star Doc Hammer


Adult Swim’s upcoming episode of Ballmastrz 9009, airing this Sunday, March 15th (into Monday) at 12:15am ET/PT, features guest star Doc Hammer (Venture Bros.) in a role that’s as outlandish as the series itself. He voices a flashy agent who comes between Ace and the team in “Dance Dance Convolution?! Egos Warped by the Hair Gel of Hubris! Atonement, NOW!” And we’ve got an early, exclusive clip to offer you a tease of his over-the-top character on this already insane animated series.

You can catch up on Season 1 here, but if you’re all aboard the Ballmastrz train, you’re probably already smack in the middle of Season 2. In it, the Leptons are back after the burning spirit of teamwork in their hearts’ inspired the offbeat oddballs to win their first game. Now, they’re actually showing moments of non-suckage! Led by Gaz Digzy and supercharged by the awesome power of Ballmastr, the team will wrestle new foes as they claw their way to the top. Will The Leptons continue to surprise fans and reach their ultimate goal: a chance to play for the coveted Crazyar Cup in the Grand Championship? Or will the seductive distractions of newfound fame sideline them for good

Check out our exclusive clip below ahead of the episode’s debut this weekend:

A smooth-talking manager molds Ace into a popstar and Ace-mania takes the consortium by storm.

And as a bonus, here’s the Season 2 trailer to get you all the way caught up:


Created by Christy Karacas (Superjail!) and produced by Titmouse, the quarter-hour animated series stars Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is the New Black), who reprises her role as the voice of Gaz Digzy, along with returning cast members Eric Bauza (Unikitty!), Jessica DiCicco (The Loud House), Karacas, Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Dave Willis (Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell).

Special guest stars this season also include Ed Asner, Rachel Dratch, Jo Firestone, Stephanie Sheh and Cree Summer.

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adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Desert Sage • KicksOnFire.com

Buy Now From $300

Release Date: March 14, 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: FX9035

Where To Buy Online? KicksOnFire Shop & KicksOnfire App: Available Now!

Another colorway of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 will be dropping and sources report that this “Desert Sage” rendition will debut sometime in 2020. The model boasts a greyish/green upper with contrasting crimson utilized for the sockliner. Finally, a distinctive white sidestripe that is detailed with 3M reflective accents, and a light green tinted semi-translucent ridged sole encasing the Boost cushioning rounds out its design.

Latest News:

Update: (3/11/20) Retailing for $220 in adult, $160 in kids and $140 in infant sizes, look for this adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 at select adidas stores and online on March 14. The official store list can be found right here.

Update: (2/24/20) Official images of the model have surfaced online.

Update: (12/18) A first full look at the model is revealed.

Update: (9/26) A preview of the sneaker is revealed.


asphaltgold (3/11/2020)

adidas/Yeezy Mafia (2/24/2020)

sneakertigger (1/30/2020)

yankeekicks (1/20/2020)

dirtymoney823 (1/10/2020)

hanzuying (1/7/2020)

SBD (12/30/2019)

SBD (12/22/2019)

yzysplyleaks (12/18/2019)

Yeezy Mafia (11/9/2019)

Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news, release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.

Available Now on Kixify & eBay

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