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Report: Odorizzi strongly considering accepting Twins’ qualifying offer

Jake Odorizzi is strongly considering accepting the one-year, $17.8-million qualifying offer tendered to him by the Minnesota Twins, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Odorizzi is one of ten MLB players who’ve been tendered qualifying offers this winter. He has until Thursday at 5 p.m. ET to make a decision.

Any player who accepts a qualifying offer is ineligible to receive another the following year. If Odorizzi accepts the one-year deal to stay with Minnesota, he’d join a free-agent class led by starters Trevor Bauer, Robbie Ray, and James Paxton next offseason.

If Odorizzi rejects the deal, he’d be attached to draft-pick compensation and have to compete for employment in a stronger pitching market this winter that’s set to include Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Madison Bumgarner.

Odorizzi, 29, enjoyed somewhat of a breakout in his second season with the Twins in 2019. The right-hander authored a 3.51 ERA and a 3.36 FIP over 30 starts, posting a career-best 27.1% strikeout rate and making his first All-Star Game.

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Ezekiel Elliott’s message to Cowboys: ‘It’s on us to turn it around’ – NFL Nation

FRISCO, Texas — At 5-4, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott had a message for his teammates.

“I think it’s all on us in this locker room,” Elliott said. “It’s all about us to turn it around. It’s on us to turn it around and play better.”

Entering Sunday’s 1 p.m. ET game against the Detroit Lions, the Cowboys remain in first place in the NFC East based on their undefeated division record, but Elliott said he is not surprised his team is in this position.

“I mean, should I be surprised? I don’t know. It’s the NFL,” Elliott said. “You’re not going to be 12-4 every year. You’re not going to be 13-3. You’re not going to be 10-6 every year. But what matters is you give yourselves a chance at the end of the year, in the playoffs. So we’re not 9-0. We’re not 8-1, but we still are in the race for being in the playoffs.”

Since Week 4, only the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons and Lions have a worse record than the Cowboys (2-4) after their 3-0 start.

With last week’s 28-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, questions regarding Jason Garrett’s game management have arisen after two failed running plays late in the fourth quarter and a miscommunication that led to a fair catch by Tavon Austin despite having room to run.

“For us, we’re competitors and we want to win. We want to win every game, so it’s disappointing but it also provides an opportunity for us to persevere with our backs against the wall,” linebacker Jaylon Smith said. “We talk about it all the time: It’s going forward and really fighting. So that’s what coach Jason Garrett is hounding us on. It’s about fighting. That’s our foundation of our team and that’s what we’re focused on.”

At the midway point of last season, the Cowboys were 3-5 and went on to win seven of their final eight games to win the division and make the playoffs. Elliott sees a similarity between this season and 2018.

“I think we had definitely a lot more urgency or had to have a lot more urgency last year at 3-5,” Elliott said. “So we had to put some games together. Right now, we’re still tied for first in the division, or we’re leading the division. We’ve just got to make sure we keep winning ballgames.”

Winning the division is the Cowboys’ best chance to make the postseason.

“Obviously we’re upset that we lost and you don’t ever want to lose games, but you have to take everything that you’ve done, win or lose, and put it behind you and focus on what the situation is now,” center Travis Frederick said. “You always have to be reevaluating that situation. So we’re 5-4 and we need to win this game to continue to put ourselves in position to make the playoffs. That’s what it’s really about — getting a spot.”

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Tv Shows

‘Arrow’ Wraps Final Season — See How the Cast Said Goodbye (PHOTOS) – TV Insider

And with that, Arrow has finished filming.

The cast wrapped its final episode Wednesday, and they and the show’s producers and stars took to social media to pay tribute to the one that started it all for the Arrowverse on The CW.

“Words can’t even begin to express what Arrow has meant to me. Best 8 years of my life,” Stephen Amell wrote on Twitter. “The cast and crew of the show have become my family. I’m going to miss them. I’m wrapped.”

In honor of the occasion and her last trip to Vancouver (where the series is filmed), showrunner Beth Schwartz reflected on her first time on set for Season 1 Episode 15. “I was the first writer to be on set,” she wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t realize then that going to Vancouver would become the norm over the next 8 years. That I would meet amazing people and work with incredible talent. I will miss my trips to Vancouver but will be forever grateful for this crazy and wonderful ride.”

Click through the gallery above for the photos and messages the cast and producers shared on social media as they wrapped filming. The series finale will air Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

Arrow, Tuesdays, 9/8c, The CW

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Lana, Kendall Jenner, More Star in Kacey Musgraves’ New Christmas Show Trailer: Watch

On Friday, November 29, Kacey Musgraves’ new special The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show premieres on Amazon Prime Video. Musgraves has now shared the first trailer for the special. It features appearances from Lana Del Rey, Kendall Jenner, Fred Armien, Troye Sivan, Leon Bridges, and more. Watch below.

Kacey Musgraves will also release an album on November 29 to go with the Amazon Prime Video special. The album features a duet with Lana Del Rey on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” a cover of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” featuring Camila Cabello, and more.

Check out Pitchfork’s feature “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Conversation With Lana Del Rey.”

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Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix Loves All The Fan Theories About Its Ending

Warning: Joker SPOILERS ahead!

Since Todd Phillips’ Joker arrived in theaters, it has generated unprecedented box office business and intense conversation in equal measure. A big topic of discussion has been the film’s ending, with audiences speculating about what did and what didn’t actually happen and what it all means. To see that debate unfold has been a real highlight for star Joaquin Phoenix, who loves all the fan theories about the movie’s ending, as he explained:

As a result of Joker’s success and visibility, Joaquin Phoenix is getting to see and follow the way that people are reacting to the film and interpreting what actually happened in it. So he is very much aware of the conversations taking place and the theorizing about the ending and he finds that whole process quite interesting. The actor loves the various fan theories and is supportive of all possible conclusions.

Rather than come down on one side of things, Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t think that there is one right answer. Maybe it was all in Arthur’s head and maybe it wasn’t. Part of the beauty of the film is the ambiguity. As he told the Los Angeles Times, Joaquin Phoenix thinks that the answer is ultimately up to the audience, it’s for them to decide and whatever answer feels right and has meaning to you is just as valid as any other.

So even if Joaquin Phoenix has his own answer in his mind of what’s true and what isn’t (director Todd Phillips certainly does), he wouldn’t say because he doesn’t want to take away from that conversation. By giving a definitive answer those fan theories go away and the enjoyment of speculation along with them. Theorizing gives a film longevity and something of a second life, I mean, we’re still debating the ending of Inception almost a decade later.

The ambiguous nature of Joker’s ending challenges audiences and forces them to engage with it and to Joaquin Phoenix, that’s a quality that is usually lacking in big studio movies. This is sort of the problem Martin Scorsese has lamented about franchise films, a lack of mystery and risk-taking in favor of safety and familiarity. He’s not wrong and that’s part of what makes Joker so cool.

It’s also quite fitting that a film about the Joker has people questioning what’s real and what the truth is. Part of what has made the Joker such an enduring and popular character is his enigmatic nature. He’s a villain that is the source of endless speculation, particularly with regards to his identity and origins. So it’s pretty neat that although this film gives away his identity and shows us how Arthur Fleck became this version of the Joker, it still manages to have so much mystery to it.

Joker is now playing. Check out what else is headed to theaters in our 2019 Release Schedule and let us know what you think really happened in the poll below.

Was It All In Arthur’s Head?

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BLACKPINK Fans Want the Group to Leave YG Entertainment After Comeback Delay

There’s sad news on the horizon for BLACKPINK fans, as parent company YG Entertainment announced the group will be delaying their hotly-anticipated comeback until 2020.

According to Metro, on Wednesday, November 13, YG announced in a statement that the K-pop group would be postponing their upcoming comeback, writing, “The comeback of girl group BLACKPINK is likely to be delayed until next year.”

Following the successful release of their five-track EP Kill This Love and their momentous Coachella performance back in April, Blinks have been eagerly awaiting news about the quartet’s future ventures.

According to CelebMix, YG’s founder, Yang Hyun-suk, had hoped to have a second BLACKPINK comeback during 2019. And while they never officially confirmed a set comeback date after that, many fans had theorized a year-end return would be possible — especially after the members themselves confirmed they were working on new music in September.

Many Blinks believed new content from the girls would be arriving this month, prior to news of the delay. Following the release of YG’s statement, fans have taken to social media to express their discontent with the company’s management.

“How many times have blackpink voiced out their frustrations about their lack of content/comebacks? we have all see them do it. jensoo asking for comebacks on national tv and jennie almost crying on a vlive because she was apologizing for it. stop acting like they enjoy this,” a Blink pointed out on Twitter after the news broke. “If YG really plans on giving Blackpink only one comeback per year, at least make it a full album per comeback,” another one added.

Fans even started and trended the hashtag #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG on Twitter as a way to ask the group to part ways with the company. “If blackpink left yg imagine the power they would have. they have a dedicated fan base who just want them to get the opportunities they deserve. 2-3 comebacks a year? the records they would break would be sickening,” a Blink commented using the hashtag.

This isn’t the first time Blinks have used social media to call out YG. Back in August, the fandom also trended the hashtag #StayStrongRosé in support of the group’s vocalist, claiming she “deserved better management.”

News of BLACKPINK’s delayed comeback comes during a week of highs for the group, which celebrated hitting a billion views on YouTube for their viral hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” earlier this week.

Teen Vogue has reached out to BLACKPINK and YG for comment.

Let us slide into your DMs. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email.

Want more from Teen Vogue? Check this out: BLACKPINK’s Jennie Met Rihanna, and Fans Are in Love

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Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Has Been Named People’s Sexiest Reality Star

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“I am equal parts honoured and uncomfortable,” wrote Porowski in an Instagram post.

Beating out The Bachelorette’s Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron, Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval, and Dancing with the Stars’ Val Chmerkovskiy, Queer Eye’s beloved chef Antoni Porowski took home the title of People magazine’s Sexiest Reality Star. “Thank you @people for omitting how I eat popcorn in movie theatres or that I don’t bathe on weekends in your consideration for my nomination and the voters for making it all happen. I am equal parts honoured and uncomfortable,” wrote Porowski in an Instagram post.

The Sexiest Man Alive mantle this year went to John Legend, which Chrissy Teigen was understandably super stoked about. Other awardees this year include Trevor Noah, who was named Sexiest Funny Guy; Steph Curry, who won the Sexiest Athlete prize; and Prince Harry, who was awarded the Sexiest Dad title.

Looking at Porowski’s slim physique (not to mention his impish charm), one might think his confidence levels are off the charts. But in a recent interview with Glamour UK, he opened up about his struggles with body image.

“I was most comfortable with my body when I was in a relationship with women,” he said. “There wasn’t a sense of comparison because we were different. It was my first relationship with a guy where I looked at myself and I was like, ‘Oh my biceps aren’t as big as his, I wish my legs were longer, I wish my torso was longer.’ I got really self-conscious and it was the comparison. I’m hard on myself about my body. ”

About that constant comparison, he says: “You shouldn’t have to. Women and men have all kinds of societal pressures. Sometimes they’re self-imposed and the idea of perfection — whatever the hell that is!”

But he’s clearly worked on self-love and self-acceptance, and has reached a place where he’s at ease with his appearance. Considering all the thirsty tweets directed at the Canadian chef and reality star on a near-daily basis, this award makes perfect sense.

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64 Best Gifts Under $100 You’ll Think Cost More 2019

How many gift guides can you browse before finding the perfect gift for your BFF, your family member who’s always traveling, or the friend who swears by their horoscope sign? The limit does not exist.

Come gift guide season there are plenty of listicles out there that will aid your search. However, finding one that’s within budget and actually has a wide range of gifts that you know they’ll actually love is hard. That’s why, I, Bianca Nieves, Teen Vogue’s commerce editor took the task of rounding up the best gifts under $100 you can find on the internet.

From cozy cold-weather extras like beanies and scarves to cool tech gadgets like a 3D pen and a smartphone printer to stylish home decor knickknacks and products that will come in handy if you decide to host some holiday parties, I guarantee there’s something for everybody in this list. Plus, with a slew of awesome gift sets to choose from including acne beauty sets to stay at home spa kits, you’ll be surprised when you’ve checked out and your bank account doesn’t hate you. Happy shopping!

All products featured on Teen Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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B&H dodged millions in taxes, New York attorney general alleges

Photography and video equipment retailer B&H knowingly failed to pay millions of dollars in sales taxes due in New York, according to a lawsuit filed today by the state attorney general.

The suit alleges that, since 2006, B&H has offered “instant rebate” deals to customers. Under those deals, a manufacturer offers to reimburse a company that sells its products at a discount, but the company still has to pay taxes on the full, undiscounted price of the item.

B&H, according to the suit, offered instant rebates, but failed to pay taxes on the discount. Over 13 years, the suit alleges, B&H received at least $67 million in reimbursements on those deals, and didn’t pay more than $7 million in taxes it owed as a result.

The suit claims that the discrepancy couldn’t have been an accident. Prosecutors cite internal communications that they say show employees were aware they needed to pay the taxes. “B&H has a NYS Sales Tax issue with products for which a vendor-sponsored rebate or discount is offered since we are required to collect NYS Sales Tax on the total product price,” a B&H manager allegedly told executives in 2012.

The investigation started after a whistleblower brought the issue to the attorney general, according to the suit. Prosecutors are asking a court to force B&H to pay damages and penalties under New York tax law.

A B&H spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“B&H proudly claims that it puts principles over profits, but for 13 years, the company actually chose profits over principles by defrauding New York taxpayers out of millions of dollars owed to the state,” New York state Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. “B&H deliberately chose not to pay the sales tax it knew was due to New York State in order to gain a competitive edge over companies that chose to follow the rules.”

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The ‘Cactus Jack’ Air Force 1 is Now Live on StockX

The “Cactus Jack” AF1 is now available on StockX.

After a successful first AF100 collab, Travis Scott’s latest collaboration pays homage to his grandmother’s house Missouri City, TX. The AF1 draws inspiration from workwear gear and features all types outdoor material – canvas, suede, corduroy, leather and flannel along the uppers of the sneaker. La Flame’s AF1 also has a removable tongue with a utility zipper that goes through the middle.

The Price Premium (over original retail price) for the “Cactus Jack” AF1 is currently at 299.6% with an average sale price of $680. Secure your pair and hit StockX to grab your pair.

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