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US courts indict four Audi managers in continued Dieselgate probe

The blowback from emissions cheating on Audi’s 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine continues with the indictment of four engineers who worked on the engine.

Josh Miller/CNET

Audi is back in the news for its involvement in Dieselgate as a Detroit court indicted four managers from the luxury brand on Thursday, according to a report by Reuters.

Richard Bauder, Axel Eiser, Stefan Knirsch and Carsten Nagel all worked for Audi’s engine development department in Germany and are just the latest Volkswagen Group employees to face the music in the US for their involvement in the diesel emissions-cheating scandal that has been rocking the automotive industry since 2015.

The US court is playing the role of a paper tiger here since all four of the engineers are believed to be in Germany, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be returning to the US to face their accusers. This round of indictments is the first to go to an Audi employee since 2017 when the courts also brought charges against Giovanni Pamio, another Audi manager.

The four Audi managers are being charged with violating the Clean Air Act, wire fraud and conspiracy and could face jail time if apprehended and convicted.

The Audi engines that were the prime culprits in Dieselgate are the 3.0-liter TDI engine that found its way into most of Audi’s lineup as well as several Porsche and Volkswagen models.

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A Global Approach to Teacher Development

In this new era, students need to do more than master content, Chung and Reimers say: they also need to be able to collaborate, problem-solve, and self-assess, among other things. Such an education, focused on the whole child, involves the whole community.

Here are some common features of strong professional development programs from across the world that focus on promoting cognitive and social-emotional growth in the classroom. These shared strengths can serve as lessons for effective professional growth for educators everywhere — and benchmarks for professional development in a changing world.

Effective professional development for 21st-century educators is:

Not just for teachers. Teachers don’t work in isolation; their roles often intersect with guidance counselors and administrators in and outside of the school building. So — professional development for teachers who are focused on the whole child should include the entire social context in which teachers exist, allowing them to reflect on and change not only their individual practices, but whole school communities. In one chapter, researchers describe how, at schools that use the Escuela Active Urbana program in Colombia, all teachers and administrators learn alongside one another, recognizing their overlapping roles and sharing information and lessons accordingly.

Not one-and-done. The professional development programs that Reimers and Chung highlight go beyond a single workshop, spanning long portions of teachers’ careers — from an entire school year to several years. In programs in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and the United States, an emphasis on continuous learning allows for coaches and teachers to develop fruitful relationships built on trust and respect. Such programs adapt to teachers’ changing needs and challenges and, therefore, become part of the fabric of teachers’ working lives.

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