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I am a single spiritual stay at home mom & home educator. I have been home educating since 1999. I have 3 daughters ages 27, 24, & 15 years old plus a 3 year old granddaughter. My 2 oldest daughters were 10 & 5 when I started homeschooling. They were 4 months into the new school year when I pulled them both out. My oldest was in 4th grade & my middle daughter was in K5. My youngest daughter has never been in school. I have done & tried many methods & curriculums over the years. In 2019 my youngest will be graduating & this will mark 20 years of homeschooling wisdom under my belt! I live in Wisconsin & we have one of the best home education laws in the USA. There are a few other states who also share this honor. Home education has always been a passion of mine! Nice to meet you all!

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