Perimenopause and homeschooling: anyone been there?

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Perimenopause is making me really angry that whereas everyone made sure girls were prepared for puberty, no one ever took us aside later and prepared us for how much this exit version can stink.

I have started calling it "midcycle madness" and am thinking of making it a Take A Break week for the homeschooling, for all of us.

Surely someone else here has gone through bloating, sudden weight gain, more active migraines, congestion, insomnia, hot flushes, mood swings, and mental fog, that is tied to the time of the month, and still figured out how to cope while homeschooling?
If you’ve done it with kids in puberty and/or toddlers (or both!) that’s a bonus.

Just tell me I’m not alone, and tell me how you cope with perimenopausal symptoms while homeschooling? I have to cope with my own drama now, in addition to toddler, teen, and my-mother-now-lives-here drama.

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