Pisces Gift Ideas – 30 Birthday Presents Pisces Will Love

Greetings, friends! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Pisces. I could tell you why just *thinking* about a commercial featuring an old man and a dog makes me tear up or how I fall in love with every person who maintains eye contact with me for longer than 20 seconds, but instead, I’m going to use my astrological alignment to help you, my less emotional common man, with some shopping. Here, I have prepared the ultimate Pisces gift guide, chock-full of presents my fellow fish will love. You’re welcome.

We Pisces babies are an empathetic bunch, prone to listening to our friends rant about their problems for hours on end and…sudden breakdowns when we realize we haven’t done anything for ourselves in months. That’s why I’ve curated a list of items that are focused primarily on self-care. Pisces often forget to be as kind to themselves as they are to others, so gifting them a gravity blanket or a face mask variety pack will make ’em feel loved more than you realize.

Or if you’ve already gifted your Pisces pal too many self-care products, another defining character trait of the water sign is their creativity. So consider one of the items listed here that’ll spark their imagination, like a wreath-making kit (it’s a thing, I swear) or a coloring book for grown-ups.

Finally, Pisces are romantic AF. If you’re dating one, give ’em love letters and roses and recite a poem about how much you adore them. If you’re giving a present to a Pisces friend or family member, well, they’d probably still love a romance novel, a bouquet of flowers, or a handwritten note about how much their friendship means to you.

Behold: TK gifts that are perfect for the Pisces in your life.

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A Gravity Blanket

15-lb. Weighted Blanket for Adults

Weighted Idea


Pisceans are known for needing a break from reality, so make their next 3-day Netflix sesh even better with a weighted blanket. These cozy creations can calm anxiety and improve sleep, and the heaviness will low-key make your Pisces feel like they have someone with them—without the obligation of, like, having to talk.


A Sleep Mask

Natural Silk Sleeping Mask with Adjustable Strap Supersmooth Eye Mask Pink Rose



Your friend is most likely a 10/10 listener, so obvi, they’re the first person you turn to when you’re having a personal crisis. But offering support to so many pals can be exhausting, which is why your Pisces pal needs this eye mask to help get their zzzs.


Floral Press Candle

Rosy Rings


If any of your friends have an affinity for magic, it’s going to be Pisces. They also stan plants and the natural world, so snagging them a candle for their next séance is a solid choice. The floral press scent will remind them of the outdoors, even if they don’t intend to channel their inner witch anytime soon.


Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

CreateSpace Classics


This coloring book is a trifecta of Pisces’ fave things: an opportunity to be creative, a way to disconnect from reality, and an object that isn’t like everything else they already own. It’s filled with sassy messages they can illustrate and then hang around their room. If I’m being honest, I’d be surprised if they don’t already have something like this.


A Pretty Vase

Peace Vase by Justina Blakeney®

Your Pisces friend probably has a green thumb, so encourage their exploration of nature with this pretty vase. They’ll think of you every time they pick up a new bouquet of flowers.


A Snow Globe

Rainbow Snow Globe

If you want to support your friend’s nesting tendencies, snag them this cute snow globe to brighten up their home. It’ll bring sunshine to any room and remind them how big the world is when they start feeling down.


A Meaningful Necklace

Latitude & Longitude Necklace

Pisces need to feel like their friends understand them, so presenting them with a custom necklace featuring coordinates that are special to you both will make it clear how much you appreciate them.


An AirPods Case

Oops-a-Daisy Hard Shell AirPods Case

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


Thanks to their creative impulses, Pisces are music obsessed, so they definitely cherish their AirPods. Let them customize their favorite piece of tech with this soulful floral case.


A Mermaid Hair Clip

Pearl Shell Hair Clip



Pisces are often obsessed with the ocean—just being near water makes them feel calmer. But they can’t always go full mermaid, so this chic shell-themed hair clip is a good compromise.


A Diffuser

MONQ Personal Diffuser

Urban Outfitters


Did you even know that you can carry a personal diffuser around with you at all times? Now ya do. No one will love portable soothing scents more than a Pisces.


Cute Slippers

Cozy Fleece + Memory Foam Shark Slippers

Cozy ✔️ cute ✔️ ocean-adjacent ✔️. ’Nuff said.


A Pisces Sticker

Pisces Stickers



Like any other sign (well, except for Scorpio), Pisces can poke fun at themselves. And they’re usually pretty into astrology because of their innate magical vibes, so grab them this very on-brand sticker.



Succulent Plants (5-Pack)

Plants for Pets


Just because Pisces love plants doesn’t mean they’re great at caring for them. But odds are they’ll be able to keep succulents alive since they’re pretty low maintenance.


Galaxy Earrings

Galaxy Earrings – Star Studs



Imaginative Pisces will love earrings that remind them that ~we’re all made of stars~.


An Adorable Heating Pad

Huggable Sloth Cooling + Heating Pad

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


Pisces definitely need downtime, but it can be difficult for them to turn their brain off. Luckily, this sloth heating/cooling pad can ease sore muscles and period cramps and help with relaxation overall. Very versatile, very cute.


Heart-Shaped Coasters

Rose Quartz Coasters Heart Coaster Set



Pisces love feelings. They do! They’re totally into steamy novels and star-crossed lovers and all that jazz. These coasters are a subtle nod to their romantic side and pair well with date night or when they have friends over.


A Fancy Candle

La Botica Soho Candle – Vanilla Smoke

La Botica


Pisces are just the type to dim the lights and chill by candlelight. And doesn’t “Vanilla Smoke” sound romantic?


Wool Blend Beret

Pisces often seem like they’re out of touch with reality, contributing to their general ~mysterious~ aura. Let them lean into it with this adorable beret. Are they a French model? A poet? Just someone with a cold head? Who’s to say?


Photo Clips

Battery Operated Photo Clips

Pisces, because of that whole feelings thing we discussed above, like to keep the ones they love close. This photo clip curtain lets them show off their pals, and the twinkly lights add a magic touch.


A Face Mask

Lapcos Variety Mask + Exfoliating Pad Set



It doesn’t get much more self-care than a face mask. This set comes with seven masks—you could do one every single night of the week! The masks themselves range from hydrating to pore care, so you’re setting up Pisces to have everything they need for healthy skin.


A Tarot Deck

Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self-Care, Healing & Empowerment By Jerico Mandybur

Urban Outfitters


Pisces are so intuitive that they’re basically psychic, so if they’re not already tarot readers, they should become ones!


A Pretty Bralette

Savage X Fenty Women’s Curvy Floral LACE and MESH Bralette in Pink Dragon Fruit

Savage X Fenty

Pisces looove to feel romantic, and a lacy bralette will let them do just that (while still staying comfy, of course).


A Notebook

Blue Ocean Watercolor Lined Journal

Pelloa Journals


Lots of Pisces turn to writing when they’re feeling creative or when they just have a lot of feelings (yep, intentional Mean Girls aside). Show that you support their endeavors by gifting them this journal with an extremely comforting watercolor cover.


A Sexy Book

Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex: The Hottest Sex Positions for Every Astrological Sign

Hearst Home


Look, Pisces are all about fantasy, and that includes in the bedroom.


A Pisces Pillow

Zodiac Throw Pillow

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


Again, you don’t have to convince most Pisces to like astrology, so lean into their interest with this snuggly pillow.


A Wreath Kit

Wreath Kit

(Nope, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Haven’t you heard of eucalyptus?) Pisces love being creative, and this wreath-making kit works double time to give them an outlet for their artistic impulses while connecting them with nature.


A Constellation necklace

Constellation Necklace



Your pal can show their Pisces pride with this pretty necklace.


A Skincare Set

Love Set Rose Sandalwood Massage Oil, Rose Bath, Rose Geranium Seasalt Soap Gift Set

Pisces belong in the water, so help them level-up their bath time routine. 


Lip Gloss

wet n wild Color Icon Lip Gloss, Pisces

wet n wild


Who wouldn’t love a lip gloss personalized to their sign?


A Novel

The Pisces : A Novel

Melissa Broder


A human falls in love with a mermaid? Sounds like just the kind of story a Pisces would love.

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