Reasons Why Volleyball is a Popular Game

With tight schedules and many hours of working and handling daily responsibilities, most people are often left exhausted and tense every day. Loosening up the tension is vital for maintaining a quality psychological state and building quality relationships with your loved ones. An appropriate way you can achieve a relaxed state is through playing games that will offer you fun, excitement, and several other advantages. There are different types of games you can be involved with your family and friends like board games, a site like offers online casino games at the comfort of your home or play outdoor games, which are highly recommended for some reasons. Outdoor games like basketball, soccer, and volleyball will engage your body’s physical and psychological aspects, allowing you to achieve good health in both aspects. This article will shed some light on volleyball as an outdoor game and how you can play the game like a professional.

Facts about Volleyball

The volleyball game was created around the eighteenth century as a blend of tennis, basketball, handball, and baseball generating a broad base of fans who enjoyed playing the game at around that time. Since other sporting games required young and energetic people to play, volleyball was created as a convenience sport for older people to play and enjoy themselves. The beginning of the game provided a simple play for the players where there were not many rules about the sport like the three-hit rule, which involves bump, set, and spike. Players would get inside the court, serve the ball, and ensure it stayed in the air until one side failed and the ball fell on their side. The volleyball game is characterized as a non-contact sport where the players do not contact each other physically while playing the game, and the players divide themselves into two opposite teams separated by a net. For this reason, volleyball has gained a reputation as a disciplined sport where it is hard to find players fighting or injuring themselves due to force.

How to Play Volleyball

The volleyball game is a simple and exciting game to play that needs a positive vibe from team players and proper skills at communicating. When players engage in volleyball, they must follow the game’s rules to ensure a fair game. Learning the basics of the game, like serving the ball and taking shots, is easy. Here are some basics about the game that will show you how to play the game of volleyball.

The Team

Usually, the volleyball game has six players on each side of the court for the competitiveness of which you can change the number to four, five, or eight when you are playing for fun with your friends. Each side usually arranges the players in two rows where the first row of players is near the net and the second row of players is lined up near the back boundary of the playing court. When it comes to playing offensive, the players in the second row are tasked with serving the ball, and the players are rotated to ensure a new player is serving the ball. During the rotation of the players, players rotate clockwise while facing the net to ensure a player steps out while another gets in position. Team chemistry is also an essential factor to consider since the vibe between you and your teammates will determine the quality of the game you will play.

Serving the Ball

When the game begins, the ball has to be served by a team of which the decision to serve the ball is decided through a coin toss or by simply agreeing which team will begin serving the game. When serving the ball, your team is required to serve the ball from the back of the court by a player in the second row. Breaking this rule and serving the ball from the front will award a point to the other team. During the serving process, your team server has to ensure the ball goes over the net and lands on the other side of the court whether the ball touches the net or not. When it comes to which player in the second row serves, the player positioned on the right-hand side is selected, and each player in the team will get one attempt to service the ball for every rotation.

Game Play

After the game has started, players hit the ball back and forth on each side of the court, with players trying to get either side of the team to drop the ball. In the gameplay, each team is allowed a maximum of three hits where the team can consider the regular play of bumping, setting, and spiking or just regular three hits. Players are allowed to cross the lines, but the ball is not, which is convenient for a situation where your teammate has hit the ball over the boundaries, and you can rush and retrieve the ball before it touches the ground. When the ball touches the ground, the serving team earns a point, but the situation changes when the ball reaches the floor of the serving team, and the team loses a serving opportunity to the other team. Points are given to teams that successfully did not allow the ground and the ball to make contact.


The volleyball game has generated many fans from all over the world within a short time by being a blend of different sports. The gameplay rules are simple and can be handled by both young and older people. A significant reason the sport has generated many fans is that it is an exciting game that reduces people’s stress and anxiety levels by capturing your concentration and disengaging your mental mind from other thoughts other than the game. Reducing anxiety and stress is key to living a healthy mental life where you can easily socialize with people and learn to communicate. Also, the fact that the game relies on quality teamwork ensures you associate with people, make new friends and reduce depression levels. The volleyball game is a fun and exhilarating game that exercises the body and improves motor coordination in the body.

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