Resell Looks You Loved (and Find New Ones) With This Easy App

Whether you’re a fashionista who stays on top trends like Y2k and balletcore, or if you’re a minimalist with a capsule wardrobe stocked with timeless pieces that can be styled multiple ways, having the best clothes to fit your go-to aesthetic is a must. As a beauty-obsessed writer with a knack for staying on trend and on budget, I love snagging stylish garments and accessories from SHEIN. Shopping the brand keeps me up-to-date with everything from staple pieces I can’t live without to super-new styles I can’t wait to try. TBH, dopamine dressing is still calling my name. And now, to make it even better, there’s a way to up your mindful consumption and give your clothing a new lease.

SHEIN recently created a new way to share pre-loved and pre-worn clothing items with equally stylish people who love fashion just as much as we do. Enter: SHEIN Exchange.

What is SHEIN Exchange?

SHEIN Exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell previously worn items purchased directly from SHEIN. If you’re clearing out space for new pieces, you can also browse and discover goodies to replace the things that you’ve sold. Imagine my surprise scrolling through SHEIN Exchange and coming across the open-toe wedge slide I spent all summer obsessing over after watching it sell out moments before I added it to my cart. Love that for me, and for you too. In addition to shoes, sweaters, and other clothing pieces, you can snag accessories like belts and handbags as well.

TBH, dopamine dressing is still calling my name.

And yes, if you were wondering, SHEIN Exchange is super simple to use. It comes with a three-step process that takes the hassle out of online selling and buying. List it, ship it, and share it. That’s literally it.

Right now, SHEIN Exchange is only available to U.S. customers—but if you live outside of the U.S., don’t worry. The marketplace will be available to other markets sometime in 2023.

Why is SHEIN Exchange useful?

SHEIN Exchange gives users the option to refresh and revamp their style in a more sustainable way by extending the length of time clothing items will be worn. Maybe you wore an outfit for a special occasion, or you’ve outgrown a trend you saw come across your feed? SHEIN Exchange makes it easy to resell items we no longer have a use for instead of letting them take up space or even worse, go to waste.

How do you access SHEIN Exchange?

The SHEIN app is the spot! I logged into the app using the regular deets and hit the “Me” section at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. I selected SHEIN Exchange underneath “More Services,” and it was time to get started. I just pressed the “Sell” button and was taken to a recap of my order history and products that would be available to be resold. (Sorry, friends, no swimwear or intimates allowed.)

List it, ship it, and share it. That’s literally it.

From there, I raided my closet and picked out several items I loved but was ready to let go. They ranged from outfits that were so fierce that my photo dump sent my followers in a frenzy to items that I totally forgot I had purchased which still had tags on them. I snapped pictures of the things I was ready to sell, crafted a product description confirming the item’s condition, and uploaded a cover image.

One of the most helpful tools from SHEIN Exchange is the earnings calculator. It helps factor in shipping cost and listing price and determines how much you’d make from the sale. Once the listing is live, it’s up for grabs, and other fashion-forward shoppers will take the pre-loved items off your hands. When it’s sold, SHEIN will provide a prepaid shipping label to the seller—that’s you—and you pop it in the mail to it’s next happy owner.

Happy selling (and even happier pre-loved shopping), besties!

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