Seasoned homeschooler needing help with helping new homeschooler!

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Hi – my name is Cherry. I live in Lewisville. I am a former homeschooler. I homeschooled my 27 year old college graduate for 10 years, she went to a private highschool for 3 years after we were done with Calvert. I used Calvert curriculum. She went on to High Point University and graduated and is very on her own and well-educated. I would not have changed a thing! I live in the Winston Salem area. But HELP! This is not for me:
I am writing to help a friend – a neighbor. She has a 6 year old daughter who she’s trying to homeschool. But they don’t do much of really anything. My friend is always in tears. I wanted to reach out and try to find her some groups and/or a few friends (moms or dads) (secular if possible) and resources. When I moved here I had found a group and it was great. Her daughter sort of rules the roost, being an only, and her parents are very protective of her. She’s not allowed to play with other kids who go to school and her mom won’t let her participate in any activities (mine was, in the community of non-homschoolers too). Would anyone be able to help me help her? She’s very timid but she needs support and her daughter needs to have friends and some kind of structure, loose or not, they are so isolated. I think mom doesn’t know what to do. I’ve tried to help – but to no avail. If there’s anyone who is able to help, I would even go with my friend for support to meet a group or a few people, so she’s not overwhelmed.
If anyone knows of anything that we can do to help her please send me an email. I would appreciate it. I haven’t told her I am emailing you all. You didn’t exist when I homeschooled and it’s so nice to see all of these forums. Thank you all so much.

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