Seriously considering homeschooling for both my grandchildren.

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Four years ago we had to take in both of our grandsons. The eldest is now 8 and in second grade, he has ADHD. The youngest turned 4 in January and is currently in his first year of headstart. He would do a second year next year because he is a late baby, however the local headstart is closing it’s doors at the end of this school year. My husband and I have talked about homeschooling several times. I am a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science. My youngest daughter will start her junior year in college in the fall. She is an English Education and literature major. Anyway… we live in North Adams, MA…. the schools here leave much to be desired, especially from 6th grade up. We have a decent college prep charter school that starts with 6th grade, my daughter graduated from it. I am thinking pretty far ahead here, and I am wondering, those of you who homeschooled through high school… did your kids have a hard time getting scholarships and federal funding because you homeschooled? The last thing I want to do is hold them back, so we are looking into what sort of issues we will face. I really have a million and one questions. Our littlest guy is smart…crazy smart. I have worked with him since he was a baby. At two he knew and recognized his ABC’s and we started learning to write. By 3 he knew shapes, colors, numbers, most of the stuff they should learn in kindergarten he already knows. When we got the boys the 8 year old was 4 and would be starting school in a very few short months and he knew nothing. At that time I invested in and we worked with him daily so he would be ready for kindergarten. Both kindergarten and 1st grade were tough because he has ADHD. As many of you know, they will not medicate until a child reaches 1st grade. The first grade teacher who REALLY wanted to complain about how he was not medicated, could not be bothered with the paperwork and the keeping track that was needed for the Doctor to medicate. The doctor and I were both in agreement that he would not be medicated until such a time that it could be proven that ADHD was harming his learning. This guy is super smart as well… he went from so far behind to being too far ahead now that he is in 2nd grade. I’ve been looking around and it is overwhelming. So many of the programs are religiously based and we do not want that. On top of that there are so many programs that we just can not figure out what one will give us the flexability to start early with the 4 year old and to move ahead when they have conquered a subject.

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