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Hello everyone today we will be discussing everyones favorite topic which is shopping. No matter who you met everyone loves to shop we all have that one friend who is a shopaholic they always have the newest and latest fashion trend on stand by. 

If we go a little deeper out generation is obsessed with the newest and latest fashion trends. Whether it’s off whites, supreme hoodies, or the new Cactus Jacks the point is that we teenagers value our fashion. It’s apart of our identity that gives off that first impression and certain vibes.

This form of expression is amazing that these young teen minds have the creativity and boldness to showcase their idea of fashion. Two important aspects that our generation values is streetwear and sneakers. One of the most important pieces of the outfit are the shoes.

Someone once mentioned to us that 90% of the outfit is the sneakers. This sounds easy right? Honestly its not shows nowadays are so hard to collect and buy its one of the most competivte markets out there its almost like a track race whoever gets there first wins. 

What if we told you we could show you an easier way to get some of these rare sneakers and streetwear. Here is the secret formula.  So here we have the wonderful pleasure of being able to introduce you to Florida Hype. 

Who is Florida Hype?

Florida Hype is an online Shopping and Retail Store that specializes in sneakers and clothing. 

Their website offers you the chance to purchase products from their directly like any other online store.

“We have been able to grow our following on Instagram to nearly 5,000 followers and our TikTok following to nearly 70,000 followers.”

Click this link to visit their site.

What is Florida Hype’s mission?

We wanted an easy way for people to be able to purchase hard to get / exclusive sneakers and streetwear. We have solved that problem. With our wide inventory, people have the ability to purchase hard to get / exclusive sneakers. We have anything from Yeezys, Off-White x Nike, Supreme, etc. We have over 60 pairs of shoes at the moment. Along with over 300 items from Supreme. 

Where you can find Florida Hype?

Florida Hype can be found on their official website. Also on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok.

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