Starting late to homeschool in CA

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Hello everyone!

My name is Sam and I have 3 kids. My oldest was really struggling in Jr. High and we made the decision to bring him home in November of last year. He is 13, in the 7th grade and on the autism spectrum. As we are working along I am finding a lot of gaps in his learning and so I’m really struggling with finding what will work for him (I’m sure I’ll be picking your brains about it later 😉 )

Honestly, I’m feeling a bit lost when it comes to school but in the past few months I’ve definitely seen a big difference in my son and I know that we made the right decision (as scary and overwhelming as it may be at the moment). An honestly, it is not nearly as scary or as challenging as I was imagining it (homework was like pulling teeth, and while he still complains when it is time to work is it NOTHING like it was just 6 months ago)

Because I was so nervous, we decided to do an all in one program (Time4Learning). And while my son likes it, i find him falling behind and wanting to try something different next year. I am about neck deep in curriculum choices right now and feeling a bit overwhelmed (especially since people who homeschool middle schoolers have usually been doing this for a while and seem to speak mostly in acronyms)

My middle son is 7 and in a classroom for the severely/moderately autistic and is thriving. My daughter will be going into kindergarten next year and is also really thriving (she had a lot of autistic-like behaviors but has really improved since spending time with typical peers during preschool). We aren’t planning on homeschooling either of them next year, but I think that if we ever come upon any issues, I won’t nearly so hesitant to bring them home. I am really enjoying teaching my eldest right now.

I look forward to chatting with y’all.

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