Starting to homeschool in CA! A bit of help wanted!

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Hello, I will be homeschooling – myself! I hope that you’ll keep an open mind to read this. I just finished 7th grade and my last year in public school. I’ve decided to homeschool when I realized that I could do better and much more out of my mediocre school. It was wasting some of my time. Instead, I think I’ll try unschooling with my goal in mind being to learn as much as I can!(Just so you know, my parents have agreed to this and seeing if it’ll go well).

Anyway, let me ask some questions. As I am a bit of an introvert but also concerned about my social life, I’d like to know what you do. I want to make some friends of any sort (I don’t really have any… haha). Another question of mine is where I can find a tutor who I can share my progress with, ask questions, give some support, study with, etc? I could do that myself, but I find it easier and – how do I describe it – it makes me happier(?) if I also have someone to work with. Thanks!

I’m thankful that I’ve found a friendly and helpful homeschooling site! 🙂

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