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Hello everyone!

Welcome to this blog where we are gonna discuss the stationery essentials for exam and exam time studies. Now, exams are not the most liked and that is why I have a cool hack for you: Use colourful and cute(interesting) stationery to have some determination while studying.

It feels good when you study while surrounded with such beautiful stationery.

So let us begin! And I’ll be giving the product links[if possible] at the end, to all the items mentioned.


I have many pens, and they are definitely worth the purpose.

Talking about the colourful pens, by Artline, they have fabric pointed nib. These pens are not only colourful from outside but their ink is also colourful. And they satisfy the sole purpose of notes making. Well, I believe that colour coordinated notes are the best to read and understand and hence these pens are very very helpful! These pens come in a pack of 10 and each pens costs just 10 bucks and I think that’s super affordable price!

When it comes to exams, we all search for good pens which work smoothly. Therefore I found these Pilot V7 Pens which have liquid ink cartridge system and these literally glide on the paper. They are super smooth and the design is also very sleek. Well the feature are definitely worth the price, which is 60 rupees!!!


It has been so long since I have purchased pencils from local stores and I literally forgot that we do get loose pencils, yes the Indian market does sell loose pencils. So I bought 2 pencils each from the brands Natraj and DOMS. And the DOMS pencils are what I wanted to talk about, the design is soo unique and beautiful, it has got shiny stars and a matte black body. It’s really beautiful and also purposeful! I must say , you guys have to give this one a try.

But we cannot be satisfied by spending so less on pencils, so I went for eco-friendly pencils[lid pencil] or lid pencil which is soo sleek and beautiful in design. It cost me 30 rupees and was actually super unique design. It does not look like a pencil. Also, I must tell you guys that when you buy the lid for these lid pencils, go for a bit good quality ones from trusted brands like Camlin or Stadler, etc…


Moving on, when we come to highlighters, which help a lot while skimming or reading, I have two options for you guys, the normal highlighters and the gel highlighters.

Well both are by trusted brands: Luxor[Normal ones] and Faber Castell[Gel Highlighters] and I don’t think I need to tell anything about these products, everyone has got their own way and own hacks of using the highlighters.


This item is amazing, it is a flexible ruler and the concept is amazing. This one is by the brand Maped and I have used this for a very long time now. It has compensated on all the rulers I have broken in my heavy bag! And I just don’t have words for it, it’s a fabulous product!

Writing Pad

The thing that happens with me is that I always forget to carry my writing pad for my first exam, because I never get ready properly maybe! Anyway I found this clear pad which comes in many colours and as per my knowledge, many Indian schools and colleges demand for such clear exam pads to ensure that you don’t cheat in the exam. So here’s a perfect one for you!

Memo Pads

I know this doesn’t count for exams but it does for exam preparations, I think there’s always a need to plan what your schedule and your studies. And I can talk about planning endlessly! Here’s a review for these memo pads on my blog:

And that was it, I hope you liked this stationery haul of exam stationery essentials!

Thank you so much for reading. Written By: Siddesh

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