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Pete Hamill ‘Ain’t Done Yet’

The film is a celebration of an era both very recent and very lost, when the overflowing ashtray was as much a part of the newsroom landscape as the Royal manual typewriter, and Mr. Hamill and Mr. Breslin helped define the stories that defined New York.

The two were friends, but opposites. Mr. Breslin was grandstanding, pugnacious, in love with the very idea of Jimmy Breslin. Mr. Hamill — big-hearted, self-effacing, in love with the rhythms of the city and the poetry he found there.

Even his moral outrage carried a hint of lyricism. In 1989, when Donald Trump took out full-page ads in city newspapers calling for New York State to adopt the death penalty following the arrest of the Central Park Five, the African-American and Latino teenagers accused — wrongfully, it turned out — the raping of Trisha Meili, the so-called Central Park Jogger, Mr. Hamill fired back:

“Snarling and heartless and fraudulently tough, insisting on the virtues of stupidity, it was the epitome of blind negation,” he wrote in Esquire. “Hate was just another luxury.”

In his columns, Mr. Hamill mastered an almost haiku-like brevity. “Tabloid stories are highlight films,” he said.

But he also knew how to spread his wings. As a magazine writer for Esquire and New York Magazine, he rode the wave of New Journalism alongside Gay Talese, Gloria Steinem and Tom Wolfe (all of whom share recollections in “Deadline Artists”).

Mr. Hamill’s 1969 article, “The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class,” could have been written in 2016: “The working-class white man is actually in revolt against taxes, joyless work, the double standards and short memories of professional politicians, hypocrisy and what he considers the debasement of the American dream.”

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Duke Deuce – “Crunk Ain’t Dead” (Video)

Duke Deuce is the DopeHouse’s favorite Quality Control artist, by far.

The artist is one of the label’s best-kept secrets, and this writer in particular hopes that the label will push him more in 2020. In the meantime, we’re totally here for his vow to reincarnate Lil Jon’s influential 2000s sound with “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” And, as is customary, he and his squad are getting their groove on in the accompanying video.

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‘This Ain’t a Damn Farewell Tour’

Carmelo Anthony has zero interest in some “damn farewell tour.”

The 35-year-old, 10-time NBA All-Star is four games into his return to the League, and says he is certainly “not thinking about retiring right now.”

Melo inked a non-guaranteed $2.15 million deal with the struggling Portland Trail Blazers, and has so far been a welcome addition. 

Per The Athletic:

“This ain’t a damn farewell tour,” Anthony said. “My love for the game don’t stop. I don’t know where this ‘farewell tour’ thing came from. I’ve never talked about a farewell tour. I know what I can do and I believe in myself. When a farewell tour comes, it comes. That’s not something I think about. I’m not thinking about retiring right now. I had (thought about it) during this past stretch over the summer. But ain’t no retiring in my mind. I believe in what I have left.”

Anthony had a standout fourth game for Portland (6-12), scoring 25 points on 10-of-20 shooting in the Trail Blazers‘ blowout road win over Chicago to close out their road trip. He passed Alex English for 18th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

“It’s been very validating returning to the floor,” Anthony said. “From the standpoint of to know the amount of talk being said about me, versus the amount of support that I had. I think the amount of support outweighs all the negativity and what was said. The frustrating part was someone coming up with a narrative, then everybody just piggybacking off of it.

“A narrative that nobody even knew what happened or what was going on. That was the frustrating part.”

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