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House Panel Releases Report On Constitutional Grounds For Impeaching Trump

The House Judiciary Committee on Saturday released a report prepared by its staffers on the constitutional grounds for impeaching President Donald Trump, offering members of Congress legal analysis in advance of a historic impeachment vote. 

“The Framers worst nightmare is what we are facing in this very moment,” committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said in a tweet announcing the release. 

The 55-page document is primarily a historical and legal discussion about why and how a president should be removed from office, rather than a lengthy debate on Trump’s presidential misconduct in dealings with Ukraine. Its release follows Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing on whether or not those dealings are grounds for impeachment. 

Three experts on constitutional law testified that there was clearly enough evidence of wrongdoing to impeach the president. A fourth disagreed. 

Impeachable conduct is defined in the Constitution as “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

“A President faithful only to himself — who will sell out democracy and national security for his own personal advantage — is a danger to every American,” the report states. “Indeed, he threatens America itself.” 

In a series of public and private hearings, several current and former American foreign policy officials helped House investigators piece together a picture of a president attempting to secure a this-for-that deal with a foreign power: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would receive military aid and a coveted White House meeting if he announced investigations that would benefit Trump personally.

Committee staffers who authored the report did not instruct members of Congress how to vote on impeachment. Instead, they offered guidance, concluding that “the ultimate question in an impeachment is whether leaving the President in our highest office imperils the Constitution.” 

A similar report was prepared in advance of President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. 

The report defends the way in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has led the proceedings, which have been criticized by Republicans as unfair because they have not been able to call witnesses of their choosing in the Democrat-controlled chamber. 

It also addresses another popular Republican talking point, that Democrats in Congress are attempting to reverse the results of the 2016 election. The nation’s founders “firmly rejected” that notion, the staffers wrote, arguing that ”[w]here the President’s misconduct is aimed at corrupting elections, relying on elections to solve the problem is no safeguard at all.” 

Pelosi instructed the House this week to begin drafting articles of impeachment. If passed, the impeachment proceedings will move to the Senate for a trial.

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Halo Reach Releases Today For PC And Xbox One

Today marks the arrival of Halo: Reach on both PC and Xbox One. The title boasts new 4K visuals, completes the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, and begins the steady release of The Master Chief Collection on PC. PC gamers will get the rest of The Master Chief Collection in early 2020, but for the time being, they can enjoy one of the series best titles.

To celebrate the release of this all-time classic, check out our extensive cover story and glowing review, where it scored a 9.5, and we called it “The Spartans’ finest hour.”  

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Kacey Musgraves Releases “The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show” Soundtrack

It’s officially December and Kacey Musgraves knows it well — that’s why she’s released a new Christmas album that even the Mariah Carey would be proud of.

As part of her Amazon Prime Christmas special, which premiered on the platform on November 29, Kacey has put out an accompanying soundtrack album, also titled The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show.

A follow-up to her 2016 A Very Kacey Christmas, The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show is Kacey’s second holiday album and, much like the first, it features new original songs Kacey penned for the show as well as versions of beloved holiday classics.

All in all, the Christmas-themed album truly is a winter wonderland — especially when it comes to the collaborations. For the 18-track album, the six-time Grammy winner racked up some impressive feats. In seven of the songs, Kacey joins forces with the likes of Camila Cabello, Lana Del Rey, and James Corden (among many others) to create the boppiest versions of iconic tracks such as “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” and “Let It Snow.” She also enlists the help of Troye Sivan for the pair’s recently unveiled duet, “Glittery.” And because Kacey sure knows how to get us in the holiday spirit, all the collabs are also featured as live performances on the special.

Apart from Christmas music galore, the show features comic sketches and even guest appearances by the likes of The Radio City Rockettes and Kendall Jenner — all with the same campy disco vibes and cotton candy aura the singer has us accustomed to, with an extra touch of glitter. If you’re a Kacey Musgraves stan, Christmas definitely came early this year!

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The Weeknd releases new song ‘Heartless’ and teases ‘Blinding Lights’

The Weeknd has released ‘Heartless’, marking his first solo track since late last year.

The track, which you can listen to in full below, comes after a different new song called ‘Blinding Lights’ was teased in an advertisement for Mercedes-Benz’s new EQC.

A full Mercedes-Benz film starring the Weeknd will drop November 29.

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The new song comes after The Weekend teased in August that his ‘Chapter VI’ album was on the way. Posting an image of himself on Twitter, he said: “album mode full effect”, much to the delight of his followers.

Hinting at big things to come in a tweet last year, he said of the upcoming project: “some chapters are smaller than others. not this next one though…”

Speaking to the crowd during a show in his home city of Toronto, he teased: “I wanna let you guys know, being in Toronto these past two days… I haven’t been this inspired in years, I got to tell you.”

Watch the Mercedes Benz commercial featuring ‘Blinding Lights’ below:


Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this year that The Weeknd was being sued by a trio of British songwriters who claim that he ripped them off on his track ‘A Lonely Night’.

William Smith, Brian Clover and Scott McCulloch claim that the US star copied their track ‘I Need To Love’ – which they previously attempted to sell across the globe in 2004 and 2005.

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Taliwhoah Releases Debut Album, ‘Another Dimension’

Following the release of her SOLAR EP, Rostrum Records’ Taliwhoah has now released her debut album Another Dimension.

An 11-track outing, the project is led by the singles “Juice,” “Soul Food,” “Love Cycle” and “Run Along.” Meanwhile, the likes of Arin Ray, SAK PASE, Kadiata and M.I Abaga are among the guest features.

Stream the project in its entirety, below.

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Valve Releases Details On Half-Life: Alyx

A few days ago, Valve announced that at long last, players would be returning to the Half-Life universe with Half-Life: Alyx. Today, more details on the VR project have emerged. Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, the game is scheduled to release in March 2020.

The game charts the course of Alyx and her father Eli as they mount a resistance against the alien Combine. Half-Life: Alyx is a full-length entry to the franchise built for VR, and is compatible with a variety of VR devices including Rift and Vive. Those who own or purchase a Valve Index system will get the game for free when it launches.


Check out more details at https://www.half-life.com/en/alyx/

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