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Lenore The Young Shredder

Lenore The 14-Year-Old Guitar Shredder

Lenore the 14-year-old that is leading the way in her field of music, she is trying to help and inspire those through music. Everyone be sure to check out and share her story.

She has around 1.6k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give her a follow if you don’t already! 

We got the chance to interview her, here are a few things she had to say.

How old are you?

I am 14.

You were interviewed by Steve Harvey? 

Yes! We were completely shocked when we were contacted by the producer. They found me through IG. It just goes to show you never know who is following your feed,  so take the chance and put yourself out there. 

You also do national anthems and open events what’s that like? 

I Do! Any time I get a chance to play in public is a gift. I am fortunate to be part of two incredible bands (college and professional), but I absolutely love opening for the MMA events out here. They are super exciting, I love the vibe, and who doesn’t love a good cage match?

What are some of your plans for the future?

That honestly changes by the month. I am leaning heavily towards becoming a veterinarian, but the one true constant in my life will be playing guitar. It would be remarkable if I could do this for a living. Dare to dream.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Do not, under any circumstances, let someone make you doubt you’re self worth. Just don’t give them that power. There is always someone going through the same stuff, and we underdogs need to stick together.

I ‘m still making stuff up as I go, and mistakes will happen. Let those make you stronger and know you’re not alone.

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Chico The 17-Year-Old Fashion Icon

Chico The Young and Inspiring Icon

Chico is a 17-year-old that is leading the way in the field of fashion.

He is helping inspire those through fashion. Everyone be sure to check out and share his story.

He has around 6.5k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already! 

We got the chance to interview him, here are a few things he had to say.

How old are you?

I’m 17.

You’re a brand influencer can you tell us a little more about that? 

I try my best to bring the good out of things that I feel the public should be aware of in the brand influence aspect.

Where do you get your since of fashion from? 

If I wasn’t me I’m the one I’d want to be I try to be myself by coming up with good fashion taste.

You model as well. What’s that like?

It’s a feeling of having the best art around me the good type of art bringing people to a perfect ease.

What are some of your plans for the future?

As of now I still have more ahead of me I think of a brighter future.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

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3 Georgia Teens Shot And Killed In Alleged Botched Robbery Attempt

A man in Conyers, Georgia, who shot and killed three teenagers after they allegedly tried to rob him at gunpoint could be protected under the state’s “stand your ground” law, the Rockdale County Sheriff said Tuesday.

Around 4 a.m. on Monday, two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old allegedly approached a group of three individuals in a front yard with their faces covered and attempted to rob them.

Police say one of the teenagers brandished a handgun and fired several shots at the residents of the house, prompting one of the would-be victims to return fire, fatally striking all three teens. One teenager died on the scene; the other two died later at a local hospital. The teens have not been officially identified.

“It was five shots and then it sounded like a handgun,” neighbor Carlos Watson told Atlanta’s WSB-TV. “Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle. And it was a slew of shots that came out.”

Other neighbors who overheard the altercation told the station the man who returned fire lives in the home and is protective of his mother, who was at the home at the time.

“It could be a ‘stand your ground’ type case, based on the preliminary [information] that we have learned so far,” Sheriff Eric Levett said at a press conference Tuesday. Levett cautioned that it’s still “very early” in the investigation.

Georgia enacted a “stand your ground” law in 2006. It permits the use of deadly force in self-defense if someone believes their own life is at risk.

At least 24 other states have similar versions of the law, 10 of which, including Georgia, explicitly state that an individual may “stand his or her ground.” That’s according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a nonpartisan legislative organization.

The laws have come under scrutiny after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in Florida in 2012. Even though lawyers representing Zimmerman didn’t invoke Florida’s “stand your ground” law in his defense, a juror told CNN at the time it did influence their decision to return a verdict of “not guilty.”

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These Teens Want Their Last Photos Shared If They’re Killed In A Mass Shooting

Kaylee Tyner graduated from Columbine High School last spring. For the most part, the Colorado teen’s high school experiences were relatively normal: There were football games and dances, and lots of late nights spent cramming for tests.

“But to say that Columbine is a ‘normal’ school would be a lie,” the 18-year-old said. “The shooting always loomed over the school in some sort of capacity.”

Walking those halls as a student, Tyner said it was often impossible not to think about the carnage that took place 20 years ago, when two students walked into the school and killed 13 people in one of the deadliest school shootings in modern American history.

Tyner sometimes worried that it might happen again ― that one day, she might have to crouch under a table and send a furtive “I love you” text to her mom while dodging bullets.

“Some days, it was all I could think about, especially when there was a school shooting in a different part of the country or when I saw people taking photos of my school as if it was a tourist attraction,” she told HuffPost. “One day, our school even had to go on lockdown after someone made a threat.”

Tyner wasn’t even born when the Columbine shooting happened in 1999. But in the years since, she and the rest of Generation Z have seen community after community torn apart by gun violence. It happens in other schools. It happens at movie theaters. It happens at concerts, in churches and in Walmarts.

Efforts to tighten gun laws have gone nowhere, so earlier this year, as the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting approached, Tyner decided to push for change herself: She and fellow Columbine students created a hashtag campaign and accompanying website called #mylastshot.

It’s a form of protest, all via a little sticker: To participate in #mylastshot, students attach a sticker to the back of their driver’s license, ID or phone that reads: “In the event that I die from gun violence, please publicize the photo of my death. #MyLastShot. Signed, _____.”

A photo of a teen who took the #mylastshot pledge.

A photo of a teen who took the #mylastshot pledge.

The sticker itself is jarring to see, and it underscores what the teens are fighting for: While many conservative politicians caution against “politicizing the tragedy” after each shooting, Tyner and her peers say they want their deaths to be politicized if they die in a mass shooting. The way they see it, the last photo of their bodies could be the one thing that finally gets legislators to pass common-sense gun reform.

“The youth of America are dying at the hands of our leaders’ inaction and if they’re not willing to face this reality, we will show it to them,” said Emmy Adams, a 19-year-old who helped create #mylastshot.

Adams believes strong visuals can incite change. She pointed to photos throughout history that have swayed popular opinion and led to political change: Horrific images from Vietnam that compelled Americans to question their war efforts in the country, and the open-casket photo of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a white woman. Both are searing, unforgettable images that show the human cost of social injustice and political inaction.

“Graphic images can spark change and ignite a fire inside people,” said Adams, who knows this firsthand. She became a gun control advocate after watching dozens of harrowing videos students in Parkland, Florida, recorded on their phones during the shooting last year.

It’s a grisly way to make progress, but Adams and other students share the belief that if they’re going to get gunned down by an assault weapon, their deaths might as well mean something.

After the back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, earlier this month, more teens (and even adults) shared messages about #mylastshot on social media. The campaign got additional publicity last month when former presidential contender Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) tweeted about it.

“A high schooler showed me this sticker on her phone,” Swalwell wrote. “I’m not in this to stand up to the NRA, I’m in it to knock them out of the ring.”

Evan O’Dwyer, a student at the University of North Texas, was one of many who discovered and tweeted about #mylastshot after the shootings earlier this month

“I spoke at the Denton March For Our Lives rally after the Parkland shooting, but sadly, that national movement, created by Parkland survivors, was not enough for Congress to pass gun reform,” she said. “So I would allow images of my dead body to be shared after a mass shooting, if it shows the consequences of their inaction.”

Teachers are participating in #mylastshot, too. James Hamric, a high school math teacher in San Antonio, Texas, recently stuck a sticker on his driver’s license.

Hamric said he’s tired of politicians who offer their “thoughts and prayers” then in the same breath say it’s “too soon to talk about gun control.”

“They say that and then there is another one and the cycle starts over,” he said. “My response is always the same: has it been long enough since Columbine? Since Virginia Tech? Since Sandy Hook? Since Pulse? Since Las Vegas?”

By giving his explicit consent to share details of his death, Hamric figures he’s rendering the “it’s too soon, let’s not politicize this” arguments “pretty much moot.”

Whether a news outlet would have access to photos of him or anyone else after a shooting is one hurdle; whether they would actually share them if they do is another question. Policies on showing images of deaths vary by publication and, often, situation. Assuming that the individual had given permission to use the photo prior to their death and it was available at the time, HuffPost would weigh their permission among other considerations ― such as whether family members have been notified ― when deciding whether to publish graphic photographs of violence.

HuffPost’s policy is that when such images are published, they are always preceded by warnings to readers, and in some cases, readers must opt in to see them. In a recent article about #mylastshot, NPR’s public editor said that ultimately, whether NPR would run such images would also be a case-by-case decision.

The students behind #mylastshot realize there’s no guarantee the media would share images if someone with a sticker were involved in a shooting. Still, with so much of these teens’ childhoods spent worrying about gun violence, making the pledge gives them a sense of power and a sense of agency.

“It might be a politically incorrect statement, but we feel the need to make it in order to shock people into action,” Adams said. “There’s a saying, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’ When it comes to gun violence, the result is lost lives and we can’t afford to continue this cycle.”

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Porn Grifters Are Chasing Teens On TikTok

If you’re among the millions of people who use Instagram, you’re likely aware the platform is teeming with fake profiles posing as promiscuous women that will slide into your DMs with messages like: “Wanna chat? 😘🔥🔞” The goal behind these bot accounts is typically to lure users in with sexy photos that have been lifted from other pages, then trick them into signing up for erotic websites. As an image-based social network, Instagram has long been an ideal ecosystem for such scams to flourish.

But lately, porn grifters have been making their way to TikTok, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Tenable. The short-video-sharing app has become explosively popular among teens in particular since launching one year ago in the U.S., and is now home to a shady operation involving impersonation, sexting — and Snapchat.

TikTok is “a huge platform with lots of users who are very engaged and active,” said report author Satnam Narang, who noted that TikTok appeals to grifters in part because of its young and potentially naive user base.  

Soon enough, he added, “it’s going to be a haven for scammers.”

Scammers are masquerading as young women on TikTok.

Scammers are masquerading as young women on TikTok.

Here’s how the porn hoax works: The scammer will create a TikTok account and fill it with videos stolen from random women — usually showing them dancing or working out in revealing outfits. The captions, which often include popular hashtags that are more likely to get picked up by TikTok’s algorithm, will direct users to a separate Snapchat profile with messages such as, “Waiting in my 18+ Snapchat” or “More n.u.d.e items in my Snapchat.” (Splitting sex-related words up with periods is a common strategy to circumvent spam filters.)

These TikTok accounts can be quite successful: One viewed by HuffPost had more than 12,000 followers and 34,000 “hearts,” and posted videos of more than a dozen different women. The account was removed Tuesday after Tenable flagged it to TikTok.

TikTok users who take the scammer’s bait will then go to the promoted Snapchat profile. From here, the ruse will go in one of two directions: They may see a “Story,” or temporary post, showing a scantily clad woman (also a stolen photo or video) with text advertising a “Premium Snapchat” membership. (Snapchat doesn’t offer a “premium” version of the app; some people sell access to their private accounts where they claim to post “premium” NSFW content.)

TikTok users are being directed to Snapchat, where they can be scammed into paying for content they'll never receive.

TikTok users are being directed to Snapchat, where they can be scammed into paying for content they’ll never receive.

The users will be instructed to swipe up on the Snapchat “Story” to access a hyperlink — a feature that isn’t available on TikTok, and is only available for a relatively small pool of users on Instagram. They’ll land on a page for an online payment service such as PayPal.

“As you can imagine, the users who pay for the supposed ‘premium’ Snapchat aren’t likely to get anything in return,” Narang wrote in his report, adding that the going rate is around $5 to $20.

Alternatively, the scammer may be engaged in an affiliate marketing scheme that’s more complex but could be more consistently lucrative. Affiliate marketing is an enterprise in which people can earn a commission by driving traffic and sign-ups to a certain website (fraudulently or otherwise). In this case, the scammer will post a “Story” on Snapchat often promising pornographic content for users who swipe up. Those who oblige will instead be redirected through a series of pages that will ultimately lead to an adult dating site.

Affiliate marketing programs have incentivized people to scam others into clicking fraudulent links.

Affiliate marketing programs have incentivized people to scam others into clicking fraudulent links.

For every user who signs up on the site, the scammer could receive $1 to $3, Narang said. Those who add their credit card information could be worth up to $50 for the scammer. It’s a hoax with low overhead costs and a potentially high return on investment.

Porn grifters have set their sights on TikTok as a starting level for their scams to try to cash in on its meteoric rise as a video-sharing app for young people. 

Masquerading as attractive women has proven to be a highly effective way to draw in followers on TikTok in particular. One account impersonating YouTube star Liza Koshy managed to accumulate nearly half a million followers, and was verified by the app. (TikTok told HuffPost the verification was done in error. The account was removed on Tuesday.) It’s also easier to go viral in general on TikTok than on other platforms. The porn scam accounts that Narang reviewed had an average of 650 followers, whereas on Instagram, such profiles rarely gain traction.

“TikTok has strict policies safeguarding users against fake, fraudulent or misleading content. We flag and remove most spam accounts before they can reach users’ feeds, and we continuously improve our protections, even as malicious actors work to evade our safeguards,” said a TikTok spokesperson, who noted that the company has taken down each of the accounts identified by Tenable. “As part of our regular process, we constantly review the tactics of malicious accounts to further strengthen our systems.”

Eliminating online scammers is most often a cat-and-mouse game, warned Narang.

“They’ll continue to find unique ways of getting around any detection methods that are in place for TikTok to remove them,” he said. “As long as there’s some sort of way to make money, they’re going to find ways to take advantage of the platform.”

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Mollie The Next Youtube Star

Mollie The Youtube Star

Hello everyone. We had the wonderful chance to interview the wonderful Mollie. She is 11 years old, but she will be 12 next month on 13th November and she is so exited. She loves to make videos. Her journey is pretty cool. She was always surronded by vidoes, when she was younder she started out by making fake youtube videos.

Now that she is older she’s got the hang of it, and can make real ones. She currently at the moment has 1.2k subscribers, make sure to checkout her page. It’s so cool to see her progress from when she was younger to now. It proves that hard work over time pays off. Mollie is a great influence for teens her age because she is doing the right thing the right way. Mollie currently has 1.1k followers on Instagram. Make sure you checkout her page.

For more interesting news checkout Durrelliott.com!

How old are you? 

I am 11 years old but I’m 12 next Month on 13th November and I’m so exited.

What inspired you to make your YouTube page?

I would always watch other YouTubers and I would always want to be like them, I was always inspired by different YouTubers and Influencers and when I was 7/8 I would always make fake YouTube videos and here I am with 1,200 subscribers.Please go into a little in depth about your YouTube page

What are you plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to become successful with my YouTube channel, have a family, and possibly be a wealthy family.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice is that don’t listen to what anyone says, be yourself, you will always have haters, they are jealous because your age living your best life and working hard and there not!💓

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Tolly The Softball Dual Position Threat!

Hello everyone, meet Tolly which is a super cool name. She plays softball, she plays thwo postions both catcher and infielder. Tolly is a very nice person with lots of talent and a bright future. Tolly has 2.2k followers on insta. Make sure you check her out!

How old are you? 

I am 16

You play softball. What position do you play? How long have you been playing for?

I have been playing softball since I was about 5 and I am a catcher and infielder.

Where has softball taken you in life? Have you learned anything valuable from it? 

Softball is so much more than a game it has taught me so many things like having to work with new people, learning from new coaches and so much more. oftball is so much more than a game it has taught me so many things like having to work with new people, learning from new coaches and so much more. oftball is so much more than a game it has taught me so many things like having to work with new people, learning from new coaches and so much more. SSThe game is 90% mental like every coach I have had has said, and it pushes you to your limits having to pick yourself up and to keep trying because it is truly a sport of repetition.

You can never give up on yourself ever. Because even if you tried your teammates wouldn’t even let you! And that’s the best part softball and many other team sports make people work together and cooperate, in the end you all learn something from each other that you may have thought would never happen.

My experiences that I’ve had in softball Will stay with me forever. So many lessons have been taught in and off the field by my coaches and they have formed me into the person I am today. Without softball I believe I would be a totally different person  than I am today.

What have you accomplished so far from playing softball?

So far I have been on the 2017 and 2018 National 18u firecrackers team that was taken to Cuba to play the national Cuban team.That team was the first American club team to ever play out of the country and I was so honored to be apart of it.

However I was 14 just coming out of 8th grade playing with girls that were going off to college!

Never did my young self think that I would be getting the opportunity to learn from such amazing and talented players from my team and the National Cuban team.

There have been plenty other experiences that have come from softball but my 2 trips to Cuba to play softball will definitely stay in my heart forever.

What are your long term goals for yourself in the future?

I plan to attend college and play softball in college although I have not decided where yet but I hope to soon! I have decided to go into sports medicine because of my love of working with athletes and being surrounded by such talented people.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice is I know everyone says it but you are only a kid for so long ,you really are. So go try a new sport, go sit next to a new friend , go try that club. I thought I was only going to be playing softball for the rest of my life but I ended up playing soccer and going out for the dive team and I loved it!

Being a kid and being a teenager is supposed to be some of the most fun years of your life! Do not waste it please! Do not be afraid of anything because chances are the person your standing next to has the same feeling .

Sure we are all different but we are still all human we still have self doubt and fear of trying new things. And I say this because you only have this short period in your life to experience these things without the stress of bills to pay or a job to worry about and all those parent things I still don’t know!.

Because trust me it gets way harder. Not to scare you but to motivate you! Get out there push yourself!

For more interesting news check out Durrelliott.com!

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Maddie Deibert The Published Model

Maddie Deibert The 13-Year-Old Published Model

Maddie Deibert the 13-year-old that is leading the way in her field of modeling. She is trying to help and inspire those to love themselves as who you are through modeling. Everyone be sure to check out and share her story.

Maddie has around 9.5k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give her a follow if you don’t already! 

We got the chance to interview her, here are a few things she had to say.

How old are you?


What is your favorite thing about modeling? 

Meeting so many talented and interesting people. The support from others in the industry has been so incredible. So kind and helpful. I’ve learned so much from each shoot.

I was so fortunate to be able to attend a modeling camp this summer with Coco Rocha and so many other talented people in the industry.

Bonding with the other models and instructors from that camp is something I will take with me forever.

How does modeling make you feel? 

Happy and proud are the best way to describe how modeling makes me feel.

There can be long days and hard work but I love how everyone on the team works together. The photographer, hair, makeup, stylists and the models all working for an incredible end result.

What is your favorite modeling experience and why? 

So many incredible experiences in the last year since I started! I think walking the runway for Hudson’s Bay this summer tops the list so far!

Who is your role model in the modeling industry and why? 

I admire so many but meeting and working with Coco Rocha tops the list! She was so knowledgeable and opened up about her experiences in the industry.

Truly a genuine person who although famous was so gracious and not pretentious in the least. She works so hard and I love how she gives back to aspiring models and the industry!

Do you have any advice for teens in your field? 

Always be open to helping others grow. I believe that lifting others up and supporting their dreams and aspirations is so rewarding.

Talk to like-minded people in the industry who you see supporting others! That is who you need to surround yourself with. We can all learn so much together.

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Sasha The Amazing Artist​

Sasha The Upcoming Artist

Sasha is leading the way in her field of art.

She is trying to help and inspire those to love themselves as who you are. Everyone be sure to check out her story.

She has around 1k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already!

We got the chance to interview her, here are a few things she had to say.

How does it feel to be an artist?

It’s amazing as you are free to draw and create whatever you want and no one has control over you.

How do you express yourself through art?

Well to be able to publish it and give inspiration to other people like my self and help them to grow and over come bumps in their futures of art.

What makes your choose/inspires what to draw?

They are many styles of art but I don’t have a favorite as I do a bit of everything.

What is your process of doing your artwork?


What is your favorite type of art to make?

I’ll draw one thing and combined it with other drawings to make something new or put shapes together and see what my mind creates.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice would be keep fighting for what u want and to be creative and really think deep into what you want to draw.

Practice makes improvements, everyone is going to fail at some point but you have just go to learn how to overcome that and how to improve on it next time.

All you can do is try and try!! Be inspired then be inspirational!

For More Cool News Checkout Durrelliott.com

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Fiseem The Young Male Makeup Guru

Fiseem The 16-Year-Old Young Male Makeup Guru

Fiseem the 16-year-old that is leading the way in his field of makeup, he is trying to help and inspire those to love themselves as who you are through makeup. Everyone be sure to check out his story.

He has around 47.1k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already!

We got the chance to interview him, here are a few things he had to say.

We noticed that you do makeup. Please describe to us when you generally wear makeup?

I mostly wear makeup when I’m bored and just wanna take pictures 😂

Where do you get a variety of your clothes from? What do you usually shop for?

I usually shop at Forever 21 or Primark they have some bomb affordable clothes.

We see that you have a youtube page whats it like to have one and keep posting new videos?

Well, actually I love my channel and currently, I’m in the works of rebranding myself so when I do that there will be more videos up.

Can you give other kids advice on confidence? 

I don’t wanna sound to cliché but really just don’t care what people think about you and always be your true authentic self no matter what.

What do you plan on doing in the future with your life? 

I really wanna get more into fashion, also I wanna be an influencer for the black young gay boys out there because it’s hard growing up black and gay, and we were always told this wasn’t right or this for girls, it was just a bunch of stereotypes.

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