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Watch the Weeknd Peform “Blinding Lights” on Colbert

The Weeknd returned to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night for the second time this week. This time around, he performed his comeback single “Blinding Lights.” The Weeknd’s set was broadcast in black and white, and the singer performed in a hall of mirrors while audience members held up small, square mirrors to reflect light from the stage, resulting in a kind of strobe effect. Watch it happen below.

Pharrell Williams was one of Colbert’s interviewees during the episode (Pharrell was also a performer on the show earlier in the week). Colbert and Pharrell discussed music, space, and time travel. When Colbert asked if Pharrell was interested in visiting space, Pharrell said, “No I think the pixilation on Nat Geo is awesome.” He later added, “Man, I’m such a poser. I love space but I’m not trying to go.” He said the same of time travel.

On Thursday’s episode of Colbert, the Weeknd performed another new single, “Heartless,” as he wandered through the halls of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The Weeknd originally debuted “Blinding Lights” last month in a Mercedes-Benz commercial. Shortly after releasing that single and “Heartless” on streaming platforms, he shared a trippy music video for the latter song starring Metro Boomin. In addition to the new music, the Weeknd stars in the Safdie brothers’ latest flick Uncut Gems, which arrives in theaters on December 13.

Read Pitchfork’s 2015 Interview “The Dark Knight Returns: A Conversation With the Weeknd.”

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Chirp debuts a faster, feature-filled Twitter app for Apple Watch – TechCrunch

Chirp, a Twitter client preferred by hundreds of thousands of Apple Watch users, is getting its biggest upgrade since its arrival last year. Now redesigned for watchOS 6, the new version of Chirp includes a rebuilt timeline feature that allows you to endlessly scroll through tweets much more quickly than before, along with other enhancements, like support for iOS 13’s dark mode and a way to add colors to your Twitter username.

The app was first introduced to fill the void created when Twitter pulled its own Apple Watch app back in 2017 in favor of using Apple Watch’s notifications platform instead.

Chirp, meanwhile, lets users access a real Twitter client from their Watch’s small screen, which included a way to view your Home Timeline, Twitter Trends, @ Mentions, Direct Messages and more. Some features — like the ability to Direct Message or compose tweets from your Apple Watch — are only available to Chirp Pro paying users, though.

Chirp Pro is a user-friendly “pay what you want” feature that lets you chip in at either $4.99, $5.99 or $7.99 to upgrade the app and doesn’t require a subscription. To date, Chirp has around 200,000 installs, according to data from Sensor Tower. Conversions are much smaller.

The new version, Chirp 2.0, hopes to encourage more upgrades as it enhances the Twitter-on-your-wrist experience with a redesigned timeline that endlessly scrolls faster and more reliably than before, and includes an improved video player, image grids and more.

“The inspiration for rewriting the timeline came from when I was fortunate enough to attend WWDC 2019 as a scholar,” explains Chirp developer Will Bishop. “During the keynote, Apple announced SwiftUI, a new framework that allowed developers to develop their user interfaces much faster than ever before. However, not only did it increase the speed, it opened up a whole new way to create apps for the Apple Watch,” he explains.

“Prior to SwiftUI, all user interface on Apple Watch was drag-and-drop, which, while convenient, has some major drawbacks. So feeling inspired from this announcement, I left the keynote hall and immediately began working on reimplementing the timeline with SwiftUI,” he says.

Direct messages were updated, too, and now include images and tweets that were shared through the private messaging feature.

Chirp 2.0 also introduces support for live complications on Apple Watch. That means you can see recent tweets right on the watch face, and tap on them to be redirected back to the Chirp app to reply, like or retweet. This feature is also available only to Pro users.

Another enhancement lets you add a little flair to your Twitter username by making it colorful — a feature that was inspired by a user’s request. Included as a one-off in-app purchase, it’s $1 for Pro users or $2 for non-Pro users to take advantage of this option. Bishop attributes the pricing decision to the backend work required to implement the feature on his part. It also makes for an additional revenue stream, by being available to those who don’t want to pay for the Pro version of the app.

However, Bishop notes that the option will be available for free during Pride month (June) so everyone can make their username rainbow-colored, if they choose.

In addition, Chirp 2.0 is now available in a number of languages, besides English, including Chinese (simplified), Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish (Latin America).

The app itself is a free download from the iOS or Apple Watch App Store. 

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Watch the Weeknd’s Trippy “Heartless” Performance on Colbert

The Weeknd recently returned with two new singles. Last night, he performed one of those new songs, “Heartless,” while wandering the elaborately lit, mysteriously shifting halls of the Ed Sullivan Theater on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Watch it happen below.

“Heartless” recently got a new video which shows the Weeknd and Metro Boomin hanging out in Las Vegas (and, at one point, the singer licks a toad and goes on a psychedelic trip). He also released the new song “Blinding Lights.” The Weeknd appears in the Safdie brothers’ new movie Uncut Gems, which arrives in theaters on December 13.

Read “The Dark Knight Returns: A Conversation With the Weeknd.”

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Watch: Snell not happy to learn of Pham trade while streaming

Welcome to 2019, folks.

Blake Snell was streaming on Twitch when reports of the Tommy Pham trade surfaced Thursday night, meaning the world got a rare candid reaction of a professional athlete learning that a teammate had been dealt.

The Tampa Bay Rays ace was not pleased.

“We gave Pham up for Renfroe and a damn slapdick prospect?” Snell said after facepalming.

Pham was a key contributor on a Rays team that took the eventual American League champion Houston Astros to five games in this year’s ALDS. He hit 21 home runs and slashed .273/.369/.450 in 145 regular-season contests.

Veteran outfielder Hunter Renfroe and shortstop prospect Xavier Edwards are reportedly heading to Tampa Bay as part of the deal, with Pham and a yet-to-be-named minor-leaguer going the other way.

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Four pro prospects to watch – Equalizer Soccer

Throughout the 2019 women’s college season, The Equalizer, in partnership with TopDrawerSoccer, will keep tabs on some of the National Women’s Soccer League prospects for the 2020 edition of the College Draft.

Use the promo code ‘equalizer’ to get 30% off a one-year subscription to TDS.

With the women’s Division I College Cup taking place this weekend, it offers seniors planning on playing beyond college soccer one final opportunity to make an impression about their next-level chances.

National Women’s Soccer League scouts are sure to be paying close attention to the three final games of the season. With that in mind, let’s take a look at one player per team that is both crucial to her team’s hopes of winning it all, and could boost her draft prospects for the 2020 edition of the draft.

Stanford: Catarina Macario

While Macario is only a junior, and even given her caliber, it would still be something of a massive shock for her to make the jump early. That being said, if it was about the soccer piece solely, turning pro right now would make plenty of sense. She’s already shown that she’s the best player in the game and with Orlando scheduled to pick No. 1 overall, perhaps the league comes calling.

But even if she’s ticketed for another dominant season at Stanford, given Macario’s ability to score goals for fun and create them just as well, she’s one of the best players in college soccer over the past 10 years, give or take. Put her and the ball together anywhere near the goal, and it’s almost guaranteed to hit the back of the net. If you’ve yet to catch Macario this season, Friday night’s semifinal against UCLA is the perfect time to tune-in.

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Watch Angel Olsen Perform “Chance” and “Summer” on Kimmel

Angel Olsen was the musical guest on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Following her appearance on Fallon where she performed the album’s title track, her latest late night appearance featured a performance of the All Mirrors songs “Chance” and “Summer.” Watch those clips below.

Olsen shared videos for the album singles “Lark” and “All Mirrors” prior to the LP’s release. She recently announced a 2020 spring tour, including dates with Madi Diaz.

Read “Angel Olsen Breaks Down Every Song on Her New Album, All Mirrors.”

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Watch SpaceX launch its last resupply mission to the space station of 2019

This afternoon, SpaceX is set to launch its Dragon cargo capsule, filled with nearly 5,700 pounds of cargo and supplies for the crew of the International Space Station. It’s SpaceX’s last resupply mission to the station for 2019. Following the flight, SpaceX will attempt one of its signature rocket landings, targeting a drone ship floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s atypical for SpaceX to do an ocean landing after a flight to the ISS. Normally, the company tries to land its Falcon 9 rocket on a concrete landing pad on solid ground. That’s because there’s usually enough propellant left over to pull off such a ground landing. Getting to low Earth orbit — where the space station lives — is a fairly short trip. That means there’s usually enough leftover propellant for SpaceX to turn around and head back to land, a process that eats up more propellant than landing in the ocean.

However, SpaceX is trying something new for this mission. After the Falcon 9 drops off the Dragon capsule in orbit, the top portion of the rocket will stay in space longer than usual, performing a lengthy six-hour coast. It’s a “thermal demonstration” that SpaceX is performing for some of its other customers, according to Jessica Jensen, director of Dragon mission management at SpaceX. “I can’t give too much more detail about it,” she said during a press conference before the launch, adding that the maneuver was for “longer demonstration missions that we’re going to have to fly in the future.”

Because of this, SpaceX needs to burn extra propellant on the way up, which means the Falcon 9 won’t have as much leftover propellant to travel back to the landing site. An ocean landing will have to do.

If the launch goes as planned today, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is set to meet up with the International Space Station on Saturday, December 7th. It will bring numerous science experiments to the ISS, including one that will study how flames spread when in small spaces. Dragon is also carrying the first Mexican-developed small satellite to be deployed from the space station, created by students in Mexico to demonstrate ways for satellites to communicate with one another in orbit. Dragon will stay at the ISS for about a month before returning back to Earth, filled with 3,800 pounds of cargo and scientific samples. “When it returns, it’ll be bringing back samples that represent about 54 investigations,” Bryan Dansberry, the assistant program scientist with the International Space Station program science office, said during the press conference.

Today’s launch will jump-start a busy traffic month for the ISS. After SpaceX makes it to the station, a Russian cargo ship will also launch to the ISS on December 6th. Then, on December 19th, Boeing will launch its new passenger spacecraft, the CST-100 Starliner, to the ISS for the very first time. No astronauts will be on board, but the spacecraft will run through all the things it’s supposed to do during future flights: it will attempt to dock with the station, stay attached for four to five days, and then make the perilous journey back to Earth (hopefully in one piece). If all goes well, it should pave the way for Boeing’s next big flight with the Starliner sometime next year, which will transport its first passengers to the ISS.

SpaceX also has a busy couple of months ahead. The company is set to launch a communications satellite in mid-December, followed by another launch of its Starlink satellites potentially by the end of the month. SpaceX is also on tap to perform a test flight with its own passenger spacecraft, the Crew Dragon, to demonstrate the capabilities of the vehicle’s emergency escape system. That flight could happen this month or in early January.

But first, today’s launch needs to get underway. SpaceX is using a brand-new Falcon 9 for this job, although the Dragon capsule has flown the space station twice before. The Falcon 9’s landing attempt will take place about eight minutes after takeoff.

Liftoff is scheduled for 12:29PM ET from SpaceX’s launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Originally, SpaceX was supposed to launch on Wednesday, December 4th, but the company postponed the flight due to high winds above the launch site as well as choppy conditions at the drone ship in the Atlantic where the rocket is supposed to land. For today, the weather is looking better, with an 80 percent chance that conditions will be favorable, though there is some concern about high clouds will build over the area.

Both NASA and SpaceX will provide live coverage. NASA’s begins at 12PM ET, and SpaceX’s will begin about 15 minutes before takeoff. Check back then to see if the Falcon 9 can fly this second time around.

Update December 4th, 12:05PM ET: This post was updated after SpaceX delayed its first launch attempt.

Correction, December 4th, 11:45AM ET: A previous version of this article misstated that the Dragon would carry the first Mexican-developed small satellite. It’s the first one to be deployed from the space station, and the article has been corrected.

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Here’s How You Could Win a Vintage Rolex Watch From Huckberry

We’re deep into holiday shopping season, and if buying all these gifts for other people has you feeling, well, a little neglected, we have good news. Head over to Huckberry, weary shopper, because now’s your chance to win a little something nice for yourself. As part of the company’s “Grail Gifts” giveaway, you’ll be entered to win a vintage 1967 Rolex GMT 1675 Mark 1.5 Dial watch when you spend $50 or more on the site. The offer’s only available today, Dec. 4 and tomorrow, Dec. 5, and Huckberry is giving away just one watch.

The Rolex is the first of two Grail Gifts that Huckberry is giving away (the next one will be announced on Dec. 8), and it’s really something special. Valued at a cool 14 grand, this watch is famous for its two-tone “Pepsi dial” with the striking blue and red bezel. It has been featured on many famous wrists over the years, including Pablo Picasso, Marlon Brando, and several NASA astronauts. You’ll definitely be in good company if you’re the one to nab it.

Luckily for you, Huckberry’s extensive selection of apparel, home decor, and more makes it easy to blaze through your holiday shopping list and meet the $50 threshold. We’re big fans of their Whiskey Peaks tumblers, to name one example—these feature topographic impressions of famous mountains from around the globe on the bottom of each glass. On the apparel end of things, Huckberry carries unique brands like Taylor Stitch and Flint & Tinder, so you can pick up some high-quality, stylish threads that make great gifts.

Wrap up your shopping today and tomorrow, and you could win something really nice for yourself, too.

Get it

For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

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Watch Part 2 of Griselda’s WWCD Documentary: “348 Sanders Road”

With their (really, really dope) Shady Records debut, WWCD, out now, the Griselda camp release the second part of their documentary. Following Westside Gunn, producer Daringer is in front of the spotlight this go ’round.

With cameos from Smoke DZA and others, fans get a look into the creation of WWCD. Check it out below.

Watch Part 2 of Griselda’s WWCD Documentary: “348 Sanders Road” was last modified: December 5th, 2019 by Meka

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Watch Dwight Howard Play WWE 2K20 for Xbox Session

If you were to make a list of which current NBA stars could ever make the jump to the WWE, you’d have to put Dwight Howard pretty high on that lineup. (And Russell Westbrook—dude would make a killer heel.) I mean, Howard’s the guy who gave us one of the best-ever Slam Dunk Contest runs, tossing on a Superman cape to deliver an all-time-greatest jam in the history of the event.

Looks like a run in the wrestling ring is actually a possibility for Howard if things don’t work out with the Lakers this season. In this exclusive clip from the latest episode of Xbox Sessions, the center plays WWE 2K20 with host Rukari Austin, who asks him if he would ever consider a WWE career. Howard says, “You know what? I would do it… I would be the funniest, craziest [wrestler]. Then when I get in the ring, it’s go-time.”

In the video, Austin and Howard square off in the virtual ring in a WWE 2K20 match, and Howard, expectedly, gets pretty into it. Austin also asks him about living in Los Angeles (yeah, he hates the traffic, too), his favorite burger spot, and why he thinks big men will make a comeback in the post-Steph Curry, all-threes-everything NBA. Also, it seems like Howard despises e-scooters so much that he could get himself a spot on @birdgraveyard.

And if the NBA ever rolls with a four-point line, you can count on Howard to let it rip from there—he’s even betting that he’d swish one before teammate JaVale McGee. “I heard something about a four-point line—I don’t know how true that is,” he tells Austin. “I think I’m gonna hit it first.”

You can check out the full episode here on Xbox’s Youtube channel and the Xbox channel on Mixer.

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