Teen Performing Artist: Alexa Elle Smith

Hello everyone we had the pleasure to interview teen performing artist Alexa Elle Smith. If you haven’t heard the name Alexa Smith by now you definitely will in the future.

Make sure you check her out on Instagram where she has 1.3k followers and on twitter where she has 4.2k followers.

How old are you?

Hey! My name is Alexa Elle Smith, and I am 16! 

You had the chance to do a Christmas Tree performance. Can you describe what it was like?

I performed in the 50th and Final Year of The Singing Christmas Tree, held in my hometown. Six shows with an amazing ensemble. Every time I stepped on stage, I felt a rush of excitement. Imagine a 35-foot Christmas tree, filled with two hundred singers, a live Orchestra and talented performers all “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. 

You can catch a glimpse of the performance on my youtube channel.

What are some of the things that you love most about doing covers?

I love exploring the lyrics of an artist and interpreting them. Connecting with a song is what I love most about doing covers. With songs, you’re telling stories that can make you feel all different types of emotions. Also, I really enjoy the idea of being able to get creative with covers, whether I perform a song acoustically or play it a number of different ways, putting my own spin on it!

What is one thing you wish to accomplish as a singer?

One thing I wish to accomplish as a singer is not only to have the ability to touch people with the songs I perform but to write the songs. Songs tell stories and I have so many stories to tell. 

What are your plans for the future?

I have one more year of high school. My focus is on my education as I plan on attending University. My interests at this time are psychology, acting, and songwriting. No matter what direction I chose to go in, music will be a part of my life in some way. 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Chase your dreams!!

Do what makes you the best and happiest version of yourself and try new things even if you fall a couple of times in the process … the end result is so worth it! Know that in life, anything is possible with determination and hard work. 

Love you guys, Alexa xoxo

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