Hello everyone we had the chance to interview Mar who is big on teens being positive. It’s kinda unique because her message about teen positivity is very strong and affective.

She is very kind hearted and passionate about what she does. She currently has 4k followers on instagram make sure to go to her page and go through it.

How old are you?


Your big on teen positivity how do you help your followers stay positive?

Everyday I post something positive for my followers to read. Whether it’s a quick reminder or advice!

Why do you believe teen positivity is so important?

Teen positivity is very important because there is so much negativity and cruelty that surrounds us everyday. Many teenagers are bullied either on social media or in school. I was once struggling and felt so alone. My goal is to bring more positivity into the world and help those who may be struggling. I want to remind them that they are NEVER alone! 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field? 

My advice is if you have a positive mindset there will always be a positive outcome! I live by this everyday. Also, never give up because anything is possible. encourage yourself to follow your dreams! on YOU can accomplish what YOU want to in life! Thank you for reading this:)

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