Basketball Videographer: Josh Englert

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview Josh Englert basketball videographer. Josh has a very special opportunity he is a basketball videographer for Slam High School and Women’s Slam. 

He currently has 13.6k followers on instagram. Make sure you checkout his page where you can find the mixtapes that he has created.

How old are you?

I’m 20 years old 

What’s the expirence like for filming for Slam and Women’s Slam?

The experience for me is amazing because I used to go to a work I didn’t like and didn’t want to be at but now I can go do my job and enjoy it and that’s something I don’t take for granted. Sometimes the job gets a little stressful when you are racing agents your competitors to get a video up the fastest but over all it’s a great experience working with the people from slam !

What’s it like being able to watch as well as record so many great players?

Watching and filming all these great players is one of my favorite things I do every week. There is always something they do like a move or a dunk in the game that makes you go wow. Filming it is also good because you can always go back and watch it and make a video out of it.

Are you able to build a personal relationship with any of the players?

I am able to build relationships with the players at the games we talk before and sometimes after.

What do you try to capture in most of your mixtapes?

When I’m filming I capture warmups for some b-roll shots for my mixtapes and I try to capture every play and after shoots of the players who made the shot. I’ll get some footage of the crowds reactions if it’s a good reaction. I’ll film the bench if they have good reactions as well. 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

The advice I’d give teens in my field would be to just get out and shoot as much as you can.  That’s what I did when I started I asked a lot of people if they wanted a video now a lot of people are asking me for videos.

I’d also tell them to save up for a good camera and do research on cameras to find a good one. For editing I’d tell them to listen to music because for me that’s where my ideas come is when I listen to music and I’d use it in the video If I get ideas.

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