Today’s students, Generation Z, are on course to become the most educated and entrepreneurial generation in history. For our youngest alive, it’s all about employment. In fact, 60% of Gen Z students plan to start a business someday, and 92% expect to work for less than 6 employers throughout their lifetime. 

If this isn’t enough to highlight their advanced ambition, lay your eyes on this: nearly half of Gen Z school students have already earned college credits. Moreover, to stray from the rising student debt crisis, Gen Z spends their extra free time volunteering and doing homework. The average student spends 6.48 hours per week on homework and 2.66 volunteering.

Nearly 9 in 10 Gen Z college grads consider job availability before selecting a major. With unemployment at its lowest since 1969, why is our youngest generation so concerned about employability? Check out the infographic below for more information on the ways Generation Z is reshaping the college years.

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