Thursday Roll Call, 6/15 – The Pause and Reflect edition!

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G’day everybody. I hope today finds you all rested, happy, and feeling fine–or as close to it as you can get!

After a nice cool swim at the YMCA, I’ll be used car shopping with DS (19). The introvert is not thrilled with me, as I’m going to make HIM talk to the car salesmen, insurance man, etc. This is HIS car, so it’s time to again put on the the big boy adult pants. :rolleyes:

This is usually the time of year I would reflect on how the past homeschooling year went–what worked, what didn’t work, what might need to change. What really worked for you this year: a particular curriculum, approach, schedule (or not), attitude? What didn’t work? Is there a major change in store for next year?

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