Thursday Roll Call, 6/29

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Hello all! How have the last few days been treating all of you? Are summer school plans working out (if you have them)? How are the kids enjoying camp(s)? When they tell you they are bored, do you threaten them with chores this time of year? (My kids learned to never complain they were bored….:p)

A common question my family asked each other after not seeing each other all day or longer was:

"Did you see anything strange or weird or out-of-the ordinary today?"

Since it became commonplace for us to be asked, we got in the habit of being extra observant of what is around us.

For me lately, the strange, out-of-the ordinary is that DH and I "found" a 10-year-old boy while hiking on vacation. We saw his dad, fretting, about an hour earlier. He told us the boy’s name, but couldn’t tell us what color he was wearing. The poor boy was sitting at the side of the trail, sobbing. Once we knew he was the lost boy, we hiked over two small mountains to return him to his family. (We HAD planned to take a much easier trail back, but as a parent I couldn’t just tell the boy "Hey, your dad is that way.")

So what have you seen or done that is strange or weird lately?

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