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Tom Holland Says Mark Ruffalo Is Worse About Marvel Spoilers

Tom Holland recently attended the FanX convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and during his panel (via Comicbook.com), he was asked by an audience member about who was the biggest spoiler, him or Mark Ruffalo. Holland smiled and answered that he hasn’t spoiled anything, and when another person in attendance countered that claim, he delivered the above response. As he sees it, Mark Ruffalo’s spoilers have been a way bigger deal than what Holland’s accidentally revealed.

So while it’s debatable whether Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland is the bigger spoiler, Holland should definitely not discount all the secrets he’s spilled during his tenure as Spider-Man, which kicked off with 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. That said, we don’t have to worry about Holland spoiling anything else about the MCU going forward.

While it remains to be seen when Mark Ruffalo will reprise Hulk (the She-Hulk Disney+ series is a reasonable bet), due to Disney and Sony parting ways on all things Spider-Man, Tom Holland will continue playing the Web-Slinger, but he won’t be part of this shared universe anymore. That said, I imagine Sony won’t be any less strict towards Holland than Marvel was about ensuring the actor doesn’t spoil things, especially if his version of Spidey joins Sony’s Marvel universe, which includes Venom, Morbius and many more.

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