Ty Johnsonn The Cheerleading Inspiration.

Ty Johnsonn the 20-year-old that is leading the way in his field of cheerleading, he is trying to help and inspire those through cheerleading. Everyone be sure to check out and share his story.

Ty has around 4.6k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give him a follow if you don’t already!

We got the chance to interview him, here are a few things he had to say.

How old are you?

I am 20 Years old.

So what really got you into competitive cheerleading?

What really got me into cheerleading is my sister I played football, baseball and basketball but I use to sit and watch my sister practice.

I started tumbling classes then I started on a level 1 team now i’m on Cheer Athletics Swooshcats.

You’ve accomplished a lot of things through cheerleading. Can you break a few down for us?

I have accomplished most of my goals in cheerleading there are a few more I would like to accomplished like win a world title and a College NCA title here at Navarro College.

Describe your cheerleading journey for us.

I’ve been cheering for 13 Years Now so pretty much my whole life.

Which has been a blessing cheer is more than just cheer to me it’s my get away when i’m having a bad day or something I turn to to get things off of my mind.

What keeps your motivated to cheer? 

Something that keeps me motivated about cheer is the kids I coached in Louisiana at Louisiana Rebels in shreveport, LA i’ve coached for at least 5 years while I cheered and it’s been the best experience of my life.

I love helping kids get new skills because I know when I was that age I wanted to get every skill I possibly could get. So I want to help other kids live there dream and make there day just by coaching them.

Can you explain to us what role you are as a cheerleader. Are you a flyer, base etc.? Why? 

In all star cheerleading I and A backstop and at Navarro College I am a Tumbler and I also do Coed stunts which is just me and a girl 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice to teens now is find something to keep you outta trouble and something that will help you long term and something that you can turn to to get things off your mind or make it threw your day.

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