Video: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tests major robot suit, becomes Tony Stark

Jeff Bezos temporarily became Tony Stark this past weekend.

According to CNN, the Amazon CEO tweeted a picture of himself inside a massive robot machine, not unlike the models seen in Iron Man films and comics.

The photo came from the MARS conference Sunday, where techies talk about robotics, space and machine-learning, CNN reported.

One attendee recorded a video of Bezos walking around with the suit.

The South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology built the robot, which measures almost 14 feet tall, according to CNN.

The robot structure is “basically a very impressive puppet,” The Verge reported.

This is only the beginning of where technology will take us, according to The Verge.

“Just think: in 50 years’ time we could be hiding in underground bunkers, sucking down our daily Soylent rations, and watching in 4K VR as a cybernetic Jeff Bezos battles Elon Musk’s evil clone in robo-suits equipped with tactical nukes. It’s quite possibly the future we deserve,” according to The Verge.

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