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Sorry this is so specific, but who here has been to the WHO Conference? This is the first year since moving to the PNW that I will be able to go. I was looking at their website, though, and there were a lot of apologetics people listed. But there was also an Oak Meadows presenter, Lee Binz, some others. I have heard that it is an even mix between secular and religious, is this true? I don’t mind working around the religion, but my last year at the Arizona conference has me conference shy (the AZ conf. has always been religious based but the last year I went was horrible! Even the ‘how to teach kinder’ workshop only focused on ‘devotions.’).

How do you like the vender fair? Has it been a good selection of secular curriculum in the past? Finally, would you suggest bringing the kids along? I wasn’t going to, but there seems to be a lot of things my boys would like. Would anyone there have a problem with my 14 yo chaperoning my 10 yo while I attended workshops?

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