WATCH: Coco Gauff reminds her dad not to curse on television during pep talk at Auckland Open

During 15-year-old Coco Gauff’s Round of 16 match up with Laura Siegemund at the Auckland Open, Corey Gauff, Coco’s father and coach, took some time to give his daughter some words of encouragement about her performance. Like any good coach, Gauff complimented her effort, talked about what she was doing well and gave his perspective on how her opponent was trying to beat her. But the pep talk turned into a teaching moment that went both ways when Coco had to give her dad a lesson on television etiquette. 

At one point in his message, Corey says to Coco, “There’s one thing you did the last three games: you ain’t give up no free points on her damn serve, her serve is weak.” This prompted the quick look of embarrassment from Coco that teenagers are all-too-familiar with when it comes to dealing with parents. It’s hard to decide what was the funniest part of the interaction: Corey’s apology that went directly into his microphone, or his attempt to explain that “damn” really isn’t a curse word.

Unfortunately for Coco, this was where her run in the tournament ended. After capturing the opening set 7-5, she dropped the next two which delayed what would have been the first-ever professional meeting between Gauff and Serena Williams. Gauff’s rise to stardom began last summer in Wimbledon when she upset Venus Williams in the first round.

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