What kind of daily time commitment should I be expecting?

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My daughter is starting Kindergarten next year, and I’m planning to homeschool. She’s Autistic and a bit language delayed, but not quite delayed enough for an IEP, so they wanted to put her in regular ed, but (in my opinion) she’s nowhere near ready for that, so I’m not sending her. <ha> So we found a homeschool Charter and we’re going to give it a go!

But how much time should I expect to spend per day on math? Reading? Should I be planning a science curriculum? I don’t want to get overwhelming, and I don’t want to short her. My homeschool charter is paying for the curriculum (and they let us trade it out if we hate it!) so I got All About Reading level 1 (she already knows her alphabet and basic phonics sounds) and Right Start Math. Anyone familiar with those? Are they any good?

Any good places to start for a parent who’s a bit of a scatterbrain and kind of sucks at her *own* executive functioning and isn’t sure if she can actually pull this off? (Read as: My own organizational skills could probably be improved on by a trained chimpanzee. I’m not sure if this is really for me.) How do you get YOURSELF organized when you have your own disabilities and EF deficits?

OK, this post is all over the place, which is why I posted it in here instead of a subforum. Cause it’s all over the place. Ha.

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