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Will YouTube’s Virtual Try-On Feature Change The Way You Shop For Cosmetics?

Despite recent drama in the YouTube beauty vlogger community, makeup reviews and tutorials continue to skyrocket in popularity on the video platform.

Recent data has revealed that in 2018, beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion views, with vloggers such as Yuya and Jeffree Star gathering some of the most views and followers.

And soon, YouTube will change the way you watch makeup tutorial videos as it is set to unveil its AR Beauty Try-On feature, allowing you to virtually try on the latest beauty products recommended by your favorite vlogger.

With YouTube gearing up to launch the high-tech feature, are the days of swatching cosmetics at beauty counters numbered? 

Can you virtually test all types of makeup?

YouTube is certainly not the first to offer a virtual makeup try-on experience.

The technology has been around for quite some time, and the potential was first seen in photo editing apps that have improved countless selfies over the recent years.

As of the moment, Perfect365 and InstaBeauty are among some of the most popular photo editing apps that are a hit with Instagrammers worldwide.

Meanwhile, companies such as L’Oreal, Sephora, Guerlain, and Target have been using the virtual try-on technology to make the online shopping experience a little more interactive and convenient for their customers.

But while app developers have made tremendous efforts to match actual colors with what appears on your smartphone screen, there are limitations as to what products you can try on using AR tools.

Lip color, yes. Foundation and skincare, probably not

While advancements in AR technology may allow you swatch lip colors and eye shadows and get realistic results, this may not be the case when it comes to selecting new and customized skincare products or foundation.

For instance, some AR programs designed for anti-aging products may give you an idea on how certain creams can affect your appearance over time, but there’s no telling how your skin will react upon the first application.

Skincare products, particularly ones that you’ve never tried before, should be tested in real life so you can accurately feel the texture and effect while being on the lookout for potential allergic reactions.

Virtually trying on foundation can be similarly tricky as not only do you have to match the shade, but you also have to consider the finish of the product. 

Another crucial factor to consider is oxidation, and the only way to tell if that new foundation will change color is to apply it directly on your skin, which means that a visit to the beauty counter or drugstore may be in order. 

Trying on cosmetics the right way

With the continuous development of AR technology, trying on and shopping for cosmetics may prove to be quicker and easier than ever for the makeup enthusiast.

However, keep in mind that not all products are meant to be tested via your smartphone screen.

Certainly, you can virtually try on all 15 lipsticks recommended by your favorite beauty vlogger, but products that are formulated to improve certain skin conditions should be recommended by a specialist or tested at the store. Your skin – and your wallet – will thank you. 

Written By: Kate Upson

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