World Obesity in 2019: [How it’s spreading]

World Obesity is a rising challenge the world faces

According to Thrive Global, nearly 604 million adults and 108 million children around the world meet the criteria for obesity. I and many others struggle with obesity because the accessibility to food is unbelievable.

We can access food anytime they want due to fast food restaurants being open twenty-four seven.

I know this from experience because I am guilty of this; going on late night food runs with your friends and stuffing our faces until we cannot eat anymore. 

I love food just like everyone else, some people eat more food than others for different reasons.

One of the biggest reasons why people overeat is because we love to fill our plates with extra food.

Dinner plates have increased with more portions of food, it has become popular to serve food on huge white plates.

Second obesity factor is tiredness.

People mistake symptoms of tiredness for hunger.

Third, people always feel hungry, but that feeling is really thirst.  

Some of the leading causes of obesity throughout the world are genetics, food availability, and sugar. The biggest thing that stood out to me is genetics.

Genetics can have the biggest influence on a person’s health and obesity rate.

The first article I researched was, “In the researched was, “10 Leading Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity” by Kris Gunnars.

In the article, it states, “Obesity has a strong genetic component. Children of obese parents are much more likely to become obese than children of lean parents.” (Gunnars).

Food availability is another huge component too and junk food

Everywhere, whether it is in stores, or vending machines, you can literally get them at any time you choose.

Stores are displaying these junk foods to catch your eye, so you purchase them. A huge problem is that junk food is way cheaper than healthy food products, or whole foods.

This occurs heavily in the United States. That is why the obesity in america is very high.

I did not realize how much sugar was really in a serving size of a candy bar or junk food. Junk food is mostly all sugar and people need to read the label before they eat that food.

Sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain.

Humans need sugar for their bodies to function, but these junk foods contain an overwhelming amount of sugar.

Eating too much sugar can cause problems throughout the body and can cause you to get diabetes.

People who eat junk food, they should eat them in small portions, this causes the body to takie in less sugar.

Doctors recommend people drink about around eight glasses of water a day which is around a half gallon.

Some struggle with this issue, people enjoy their meals with other delicious beverages such as: like alcohol, pop, or juice.

The best strategy for drinking a gallon of water a day is to drink periodically throughout the day.

Everyone might not time to drink water in portions of the day because of their busy schedule.

Another personal recommendation is to drink right when you awake before to sleep or drink during your meals.   

Sometimes you may feel like you need cheesecake or pizza, and nothing else will do.

We tend to feel if we eat the food we are craving it cause the crsving to go away.

But in reality that is where we are wrong.

Food contains opioids which is an ingredient that is in drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Food can activate the brain’s pleasure and reward system causing food to become an addiction. This causes food to take away the pain because food feels rewarding to some people.   

As I did more researching, I found a huge thing that links to world obesity is bullying.

The number of children who are bullied about their obesity is horrific.

The second article I reaserched

“How Obesity and Bullying Are Connected” by Sherri Gordon. In this article, it stated, “Moreover, the amount of abuse a child receives is often directly related to his or her weight. ” (Gordon).

The fact kids get bullied for being overweight is disgusting.

Kids should not be bullied just because they have different physical appearances than others.

Some kids eat food to escape and use it as comfort, food can provide this feeling for people.

Some believe they can “eat their sorrows away” as people say. Childhood obesity has increased drastically.

When we feel hungry, pretty much any food near sounds delicious.

We tend to ease toward our favorite junk food or sugary snacks.

We find any excuse to eat them and they provide us with an instant rush.    

I never knew that this much bullying happened to kids who are obese

People need to open their eyes about this subject. Everyone teases or has been teased at some point in their lives.

I did not know how many kids who are obese bully other kids because they are smaller.

Sherri Gordon also stated her article that, “Most studies suggest that obese children bully because they are either reflecting the same behavior they’ve experienced or are acting preemptively to discourage others from bullying them. Rather than seeing their weight as a deficit, obese bullies will use their size to their advantage, allowing them to wield more power over a smaller victim.” (Gordon).

Kids who are obese bully other kids to boost their confidence, inside they are the ones who are really insecure.  

Bullies aim for smaller kids because of their smaller figure.

When in reality, they wish they were as skinny as the person they are bullying.

Also, they do this to get attention and to feel powerful because inside they feel powerless.

I believe that more kids need to be more informed on how terrible bullying is.

There should be more bully prevention groups throughout society and schools.

Kids who are bullied need to feel like they are able to talk to someone.

Everyone has insecurities whether it is looks, weight, or physical appearance.  

After I discovered that bullying can cause obesity, I came across an article that discusses emotional eating. The article is, “Emotional Eating” by Help Guide. The article went in depth on ways to help stop emotional eating.

The tips they suggested were: exercise, replacing your favorite junk food with vegetables, or adding more healthy foods with a small portion of your favorite junk food.

Exercise is proven to reduce stress and can be an escape for some because its people take all their stress during the workout.  

People love the results of what their body’s look like after they had a nice workout. Replacing junk food with vegetables make your body healthier.

Vegetables provide our bodies with the nutrients we need to stay healthy. If people just will not budge and cannot manage to give away their sweets, they can always eat those sweets but less of them.

You can eat a normal serving size of vegetables and then add a little of your favorite junk food, this allows you to still eat healthy and eat sweets.  

Exercising is one of the main components for decreasing obesity throughout the world as I stated earlier. In the article “1.4 billion people aren’t exercising, WHO reveals. Here’s why that’s a big problem” by Brett Molina.

One in four people worldwide do not participate in physical activity.

Which is increasing the risk for diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Molina states, “This puts more than 1.4 billion adults at risk of developing or exacerbating diseases linked to inactivity, and needs to be urgently addressed,” read an excerpt from the study, which also notes declines in mental health and quality of life for people who don’t exercise enough.” (Molina).

Obesity causes diseases like diabetes and many more people are getting diagnosed due to obesity risk factors. Exercise is needed for every human, exercise keeps your body durable and your bones healthy.

The standard requirement for people to participate in physical activity is at least twice a week, one hundred and fifty minutes per week or seventy-five minutes per week if you do extreme workouts.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise and a healthy diet can lower the risk of health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Just by exercising, a healthy diet, other factors such as drinking water and no drug activity could add up to more than ten years to your life expectancy.

Studies have shown that women were less physically active than men, with 32 percent of women failing to exercise enough, compared to 23 percent of men.  

Countries with higher incomes tend to show higher rates of inactivity because they are doing more social like eating out, vacations, or hanging with friends. The regions with the highest rates of inactivity include Latin America and the Caribbean (39 percent), high-income Western countries (37 percent) and high-income Asia Pacific countries (36 percent)” (Molina).

In low-income countries, the percentage of physically inactive is lowered, this is because people don’t have the luxury of doing these social activities such as a person who could afford the luxury lifestyle.  

If you do not eat healthy, or exercise then you can become very sick with diseases such as Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These diseases can lead to serious health issues throughout life and can even lead to death.

In the article “Links between obesity and mental health” by Clinical Advisor. The article states that the risk obesity can do more than just hurt your physical health, it also can affect you mentally, “Recent studies have shown that many cases of obesity are the result of such mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), binge eating disorder, and night eating syndrome” (Clinical Advisor).

Economic characteristics are also associated with childhood obesity.

The main link between mental health and obesity can vary based on individuals: gender, race, ethnicity, and culture or structural.   

For example, obesity rates are higher for children growing up in poor families and families with low incomes than for children from higher-income families.

A person with a larger income has the accessibility of choosing more foods than a person who is receiving a lower income, this mostly occurs in minority populations.

Age links to obesity as well, the highest obesity age varies. The highest obesity rate linked to men aged fifty to fifty-four and women aged sixty to sixty-four. The youngest ages that link to obesity are ten to fourteen. Obesity rates increase as children grow older in age.  

Before I did my research

I never know that race had relations with obesity, I thought only income, culture and gender only played large roles in links to obesity.

Studies have found that in America African Americans are the most obese, Hispanics are second, and White/Caucasian is last. African Americans are number one because they eat a lot of fried foods, I know this because in a lot of black cultures that is what they predominantly serve.

In most African American culture’s healthy foods like vegetables and fruits are not served as much as they should be. These foods that are in the African Cultures are cornbread, fried catfish, BBQ ribs, chitterlings, and neckbones.

Many may not know what these foods are, but they are not very healthy because they contain a lot of sodium and carbohydrates. Another reason why African Americans are the highest obese in America is because they like to use a lot of salt on their food, this creates the food to have more flavor.  

Throughout all my research I have found out many different things, I found out that there are more causes to obesity than what the common eye sees.

I also learned that kids go through depression and get bullied for simply just being overweight.

Obesity can lead to many health issues as well, many that I have never heard of or never imagined that could possibly link to obesity.

Obesity is a rising issue that many around the world are facing, if people are not careful this will become a bigger issue than what it is now.

More people must become more aware of these issues and the precautions that come with it. Store owners need to lower their prices on vegetables and fruits, this will increase everyone to eat healthier because the prices are reasonable.  

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